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We will start this message with the initial as well as most significant difference. The NIF exists and the CIF does not. At the very least this has actually been the case for more than twelve years currently. Nonetheless, many individuals continue to utilize the term CIF. This is why we will certainly discuss what the CIF was as well as what the NIF is. Additionally, we will certainly assess the distinctions between these two papers.


NIF is written by the phrase of Tax Identification Number. The NIF is an unique number that determines you as an individual or a legal entity. This recognition will certainly be used to accomplish any kind of treatment, particularly those related to the repayment of tax obligations and duties. This number is so important that it also appears on your identity card.

The NIF is made up of nine personalities. Of these personalities, in the case of companies or various other lawful entities, one is a letter. This letter identifies the sort of lawful entity. The letter is complied with by a seven-digit number. These numbers suggest the province where the legal entity is located, the civil windows registry number and an additional figure.

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When the NIF belongs to an all-natural individual, it is additionally made up of nine personalities. Among these personalities is additionally a letter that fulfills the control function. The rest of the personalities are figures connected with the individual’& rsquo; s NIF. CIF

The CIF is the tax obligation identification code. Like the NIF, the CIF was an one-of-a-kind identification number. However, the CIF was only utilized to identify lawful entities such as firms. As discussed above, the CIF disappeared more than twelve years ago. Today the NIF offers to identify both individuals and also lawful entities. The term is still used just because many individuals are used to it.

You can even have tax obligation invoices that still utilize the phrase CIF. This is because many administrative as well as audit software program applications have actually not been updated. This is why they still register firm NIFs as CIFs. All this also after the legislation developed in 2007 that the CIF would no more exist and that the NIF would certainly be utilized for companies instead. The phrase CIF remains to show up very often in Google searches of the Spanish.

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There are various websites that give tax obligation info on firms. Even today, these sites normally refer to the business’& rsquo; s tax identification number as CIF. Differences between CIF and also NIF

As we have already pointed out, there is primarily no significant difference in between the CIF and also the NIF. Both are recognition numbers, other than that the CIF was utilized only for legal entities. While the NIF is for both individuals and lawful entities. Additionally, the term CIF lawfully no more exists. Although it is still used, this is more a matter of customized. It is always appropriate to use the term NIF.

Does it create us any type of troubles to say CIF as opposed to NIF? In everyday life, possibly not. As the term CIF is still in extremely usual usage, so every person will understand you. Nevertheless, in lawful terms, it’& rsquo; s something wrong. Whichever term you prefer to utilize, keep in mind that a business’& rsquo; s CIF is its NIF. Which the company & rsquo; s NIF is what used to be known as a CIF. This only puts on business and also various other legal entities. Individuals have actually never ever had a CIF as well as never will.

Tell us, what term do you utilize to describe tax identification? Do you still utilize the acronym CIF? Or have you updated on your own as well as utilize the phrase NIF, as is right? Did you understand what each phrase indicated? Were you aware that legally the term CIF ceased to be utilized greater than twelve years earlier? Leave us all your responses in the remarks. As well as if you have any type of doubts about the difference between these two papers, don’& rsquo; t fail to remember to ask. We’& rsquo; ll enjoy to review you.

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