Difference between climate control and air conditioning


New cars are designed every day. With each new design, mechanisms are added to make the cars more comfortable. Today, car owners can enjoy features such as air conditioning and climate control. These systems allow the temperature inside the car to be the desired or ideal one for drivers and passengers.

However, although the functionality of these systems is similar, the way they are run is not. So, if you don’t know whether to decide between a car with air conditioning or an air conditioner, don’t worry. Here we will explain you how the air conditioners and air conditioners in the cars work. But we’ll also explain the differences between them.

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How does air conditioning work?

Don’t think that air conditioners generate cold air. Air conditioning systems take the air from the room and cool it. This cooling process is produced by a liquid refrigerant. This liquid will be running through the air conditioning system. The parts of this system, at a very basic level are

A compressor, which allows the compression of the refrigerant gas.
Pumping valves, which are in charge of releasing the refrigerant to the evaporator when necessary.
Evaporator and condenser, which are the parts of the air conditioner where the air is cooled.

This way, when you turn on the air conditioning in your car, the process will start thanks to the compressor. The compressor will take care of bringing refrigerant to the condenser. The heat exchange takes place between the pressures of the evaporator and the condenser. Once the pressures have stabilized, the valves open to let the refrigerant flow back to the evaporator.

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In a car, you probably have three ways to handle air conditioning. You will have a mechanism to choose the amount of air flow. You’ll also have a control to choose where you want the air to come out of the air conditioner. And finally, you’ll have a wheel to choose the temperature at which you want the air to be.

How does the climate control work?

The climate control is also a mechanism that regulates the temperature inside a car. You could even say that it does so in a similar way to the way air conditioners work. In other words, it can cool the air thanks to the presence of a refrigerant. However, there is a difference. The climate control is an automatic device. That is, the air conditioner uses sensors to extract information from the environment. This information will allow the air conditioner to maintain the ideal temperature inside the car. You don’t have to set it yourself.

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Differences between air conditioning and climate control


The main difference. In order for the air conditioner to be able to regulate the temperature, you must establish the conditions for it. As we mentioned, you must choose the temperature and other factors. However, with a climate control you will not have to worry so much. The climate control has sensors that will allow it to maintain the proper temperature inside your car.


A few years ago, an air-conditioned vehicle was very expensive. However, nowadays it is normal for cars to have an air conditioner built in without that changing too much in price. It’s hard to get a car without air conditioning. The air conditioner, on the other hand, does make a vehicle more expensive. This is because the air conditioner incorporates parts necessary for its operation and this results in increased manufacturing costs of the car.

Temperature distribution

As you may have noticed, it is more difficult to regulate the temperature with an air conditioner than with a climate control. If you have an air conditioner, the process of maintaining the right temperature is so controlled that it can even be done by zone. In other words, today there are cars whose air conditioners can maintain different temperatures in different parts of the car.

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As we mentioned, the functions of air conditioning and climate control are similar. However, the air conditioner has other air treatment functions, such as purifying the air or reducing humidity.

Now you know how each mechanism works and what the differences are between them. Tell us in the comments if you prefer an air conditioner or an air handler.

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