Difference between HIV and AIDS


Today, being HIV positive does not mean the same as it did a few years ago. A few decades ago, being diagnosed with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV meant being condemned to death. However, today there are treatments that allow patients with HIV to lead completely normal lives.

Advances in treatment allow an HIV positive patient to have a partner with minimal risk of infection. Even with proper treatment, an HIV patient can have completely healthy children. In short, thanks to advances in medicine, being HIV positive is no longer the end of the world for anyone.

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However, many people remain ignorant about issues such as HIV and AIDS. This misinformation leads to discrimination against HIV patients. It also means that people do not seek information about treatment or how to prevent AIDS. This is why it is important to know the difference between hiv and aids.

Being HIV positive

If you have been tested for HIV, and the result was positive, it is important to know that this does not mean that you have AIDS. As mentioned above, HIV is a virus called “human immunodeficiency virus. A positive test result indicates that you have this virus in your system.

There are several ways you could have gotten the virus. The most common way is through sexual intercourse. But it could also have been, for example, through the exchange of blood with an infected person. This could have been through sharing needles or razor blades.

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You should know that, as with many viruses, there is no cure for HIV. This virus will always be present in your body. Detecting HIV early is very important. This way, you can start treatment and prevent the development of the infection. In addition, you can take the necessary measures to avoid infecting another person.

What does HIV do?

You should know that what makes HIV dangerous is that if it is not treated, it will attack your body’s defenses. Your body will try to defend itself against the virus through white blood cells. HIV will then begin to destroy these cells, which will greatly weaken your immune system. Over time, your body’s defenses will be so weak that they will not be able to function against any disease.

HIV patients are affected by infections and diseases that, against a healthy immune system, would not be a problem. But remember that this will only happen if you allow the virus to multiply in your body. Again, if you detect the presence of HIV in your body early, you can undergo treatment. And with treatment you can live a completely normal life.

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Is it different to have HIV than to have AIDS?

Yes, as mentioned above, having HIV is not the same as having AIDS. AIDS, or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is the final stage of HIV infection. In other words, AIDS is a disease that you could get from the presence of HIV in your body.

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The fact that the HIV infection evolves into AIDS implies that the virus has been multiplying in your system. By multiplying, it has also been forcing your body to produce defenses to fight it. And as a result, your immune system will be weakened by the virus.

Remember that it is not AIDS itself that can cause death. It’s the diseases you can get from a weakened immune system. Diseases that commonly affect AIDS patients are pneumonia and cancer. These diseases take advantage of the fact that your body cannot fight them to cause great damage to your system. They can be fatal.


If you are sexually active, use protection to prevent infection. But you should get the HIV test on a regular basis. Don’t be ashamed to ask your partner to get the HIV test as well. And remember, being HIV positive is not the end of the world. It is better to detect the virus early and be able to start treatment. We assure you that today people with HIV can maintain their quality of life.

Tell us, did you know the difference between HIV and AIDS?

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