Difference between lawyer and attorney


The term lawyer probably sounds more than familiar to you. We usually identify as lawyers all those who have graduated from university law school. This definition will be more ingrained if we ever wanted to study law in college. Or if we are thinking of doing so. On the other hand, the term “attorney” is not as well known to us. If we think about the definition of attorney, we can probably associate it with something legal. But we still don’t know exactly what it is.

This doubt may be affecting you if you are going through any legal process at this time. Whether it is a civil or criminal process. In both cases you will be in need of legal advice and representation and you don’t know who to contact. You probably don’t know what it is or if you need a lawyer. That is why in this post we are going to explain to you what the differences between lawyers and prosecutors are.

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Similarities between lawyer and attorney

Before establishing the differences, we will talk about what the lawyers and attorneys have in common. If you associate them both with the legal field, you are right. Both lawyers and solicitors are legal professionals. However, they are not the same because both their functions and their specialization are different.

What are lawyers?

As we have already mentioned, lawyers are professionals in law. Lawyers must be qualified and registered at the bar. They are in charge of defending people in a legal process. The key to understanding the role of lawyers is in the word “defend”. You probably imagine that the role of lawyers is limited to within the courts.


However, the lawyer must exercise all those actions that favor the interests of their clients. A lawyer can draw up any kind of contract, for example. Contracts can be for rent, for work, for the purchase or sale of a property, etc. In addition, they can advise workers regarding their labor protection. Lawyers are also trained to intervene in company procedures or to represent people in civil proceedings.

Lawyers must have a specialization in the field of their preference. This can be in administrative, labor or criminal law.

What is a procurator?

A procurator is also a professional in law. It differs from a lawyer, first of all, because they are specialized in procedural law. Procurators are in charge of serving as a link between people and the courts. Through the procurators, communication is established between the judicial system and the people who come to the system.


Differences between lawyers and prosecutors


The main difference is that lawyers usually charge their clients. While prosecutors cannot do so.

Professional Training

Although both lawyers and attorneys are law graduates, they have different specializations. Lawyers may specialize in different branches of law, while attorneys specialize in procedural law.


There are certain judicial procedures in which the presence of a solicitor is not required. If the process is of a civil nature, then the assistance of the procurator is mandatory. On the other hand, if it is of a criminal nature, the presence of the prosecutor is optional until the first trial.



The lawyer is in charge of the defense, while the prosecutor is in charge of the representation.


The lawyers are in charge of defense, interrogations and advice. This is why lawyers must keep their knowledge of the law up to date. Meanwhile, the attorney is in charge of representing, communicating and managing. This means that it is the duty of the procurator to prepare and ensure the delivery of all documents that are necessary for effective communication between the courts and individuals. Likewise, it is the responsibility of the procurator to keep track of the deadlines of the processes he represents.


Regulatory bodies

The body responsible for the lawyers is the Bar Association. While the entity that regulates the attorneys is the bar association.

We hope that this information will be useful for you to know the differences between solicitors and lawyers. You can already identify which professional you need in case of a legal procedure. Furthermore, if you are studying law, you will be able to distinguish what you want to specialize in depending on what you want to practice.

Tell us if you ever needed a lawyer or a procurator.

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