Difference between prebiotic and probiotic


Have you ever heard of prebiotics and probiotics? I’m sure you have. You’ve probably seen a food commercial on TV and heard about “probiotics. Especially when it comes to children’s foods. This may have given you the idea that prebiotics and probiotics help your digestive system.

But despite all this, you probably don’t know what probiotics are or what prebiotics are. That’s why in this post we’re going to explain to you what it means for a food to contain prebiotics and probiotics. In addition, we’re going to explain the difference between the two and how they work for you.



Prebiotics are a type of vegetable fiber that is not digested. When not digested, this fiber will feed bacteria that are part of your digestive system. These bacteria live in your intestine and colon. Their function is to protect your digestive system from bacterial infections and other pathogens. In addition, with the help of these bacteria, your body will better absorb the nutrients from the food.

You can find prebiotics in many foods. Most often in carbohydrates. Some of the foods that contain prebiotics are asparagus, onions, tomatoes, wheat, potatoes, some fruits, among others.

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Probiotics are far from being the same as prebiotics. Instead of being a fiber that feeds bacteria in the body, probiotics are bacteria themselves. These bacteria will become part of your intestinal flora. These bacteria will also create a supportive environment in your digestive system. That is, they can help you balance levels like pH, which favor the development of other bacteria necessary for your digestion.

What foods can you get probiotics in? Well, in foods that have healthy bacteria. Remember that there are foods that are formed from a process of fermentation. And during this process, bacteria develop. Examples of these foods are cheese and yogurt.

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You may have seen some TV ads about foods or medicines containing probiotics. This is because some industries market food supplements with probiotics. Or they have developed formulas to use probiotics to relieve symptoms of a condition like irritable colon or indigestion.

Differences between prebiotics and probiotics


First of all, as we have already explained, the concept of prebiotics and probiotics is different. While prebiotics are a plant fiber, probiotics are organisms (like bacteria) that are alive. Prebiotics serve to feed the probiotics and to promote their growth in the intestinal flora.


Another difference between prebiotics and probiotics is in their functions. Prebiotics and probiotics share the role of helping your body improve the absorption of nutrients. In addition, both will help you have a strong digestive system. This way, your intestine will be protected from diseases and infections caused by bacteria.

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However, probiotics have one feature that prebiotics do not. The presence of probiotics in your body contributes to the development of a stronger immune system. These bacteria help your body produce more defenses. It is from this function that new organisms, such as oncobiotics, have been studied. Today, we are studying how the defenses developed by your body in the presence of probiotics can reduce the possibility of suffering from diseases such as cancer. Yes, that’s how amazing probiotics are.


Prebiotics are a kind of vegetable fiber. Probiotics, on the other hand, are various types of microorganisms. Each of these types has a specific function. In other words, each type of probiotic you consume can help you in a different way.


Finally, we believe it is important to remember the importance of nutritionists. Before making any changes in your diet or taking any supplements, you should consult a specialist. Surely, the nutritionist will be able to help you with which foods you should consume to obtain prebiotics. And which are the probiotics that will help you according to your needs. In this way, you will be able to take advantage of the benefits of both by staying healthy. The most important thing will always be your health.

Tell us if you take into account the presence of probiotics and prebiotics in your diet. Have you ever used probiotics to treat any condition?

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