Difference between shielded and armored door


We know that protecting your home and family is the most important thing for you. Today you have different tools to increase the security levels of your home. You can use security video cameras, alarms, electric fences, among others. You can also make your home more secure by choosing a security door or a vault door. In fact, the popularity of these doors has increased a lot in the last few years. It is clear that a door that is easy to open will be an advantage for a thief who wants to enter our house to steal.

But with the popularity and the need for armored doors and shielded doors, doubts have also increased. Everyone who is going to buy one of these doors has doubts about which one is the most secure. Or what is the difference between the two. That’s why in this post we are going to explain how the mechanisms of both doors work and what the difference between them is. In this way, you will be able to choose the one you consider correct to adapt to the needs of your home.

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What is a shielded door?

A shielded door is a wooden door that includes a thin sheet of metal inside. The frame of shielded doors is also made of wood. The main characteristic of these doors is that they usually have many locks and cylinders. They usually have locks at the top, in the center and at the bottom.

Reading that it has a lot of cylinders may make you think that shielded doors are extremely safe. Especially since locks are not common. However, due to the popularity and use of shielded doors, ways of breaching them have been achieved. In addition, this type of door is not as resistant.

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What is a armored door?

Armored doors were the ones that offered the highest security in previous years. However, armored doors have taken that place away from them. Armored doors offer a higher level of security for your home. Why? First of all, they are not made of wood. Armored doors are a thick metal plate. If you think you’ve seen some wood, it’s because many are covered by a thin layer of decorative wood. In addition, the frame of armored doors is also covered with metal.

As for the locks, armored doors usually have more than one. They usually also have locks at the top, in the middle and at the bottom. However, you must remember that the quality of the locks does not depend on the quality of the door. Keep this in mind when selecting a door brand or installing your own lock. A quality lock is one of the vital factors when it comes to the security of your home.

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Difference between shielded doors and armored doors

1. Resistance

As we mentioned before, the shielded doors are made of wood, but inside they have a thin sheet of metal. Meanwhile, armored doors are metal doors covered by very thin wooden boards for aesthetic reasons. In terms of strength, armored doors have the advantage.

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2. Frames

As we mentioned, the shielded door frame is made of wood. And, on the other hand, the one of the armored door is covered with metal. This also gives an advantage to the armored door, since it reduces the possibility that a thief can force the door through a lever in the frame.

3. Price

One of the main reasons why many people choose an shielded door is because it is more economical. Obviously its manufacturing materials are less expensive than those of an armored door. However, the characteristics of the armored door and the level of security it provides, makes it worth paying any economic difference.

4. Hinges

In an shielded door, the hinges will be installed on wood. While in an armored door the hinges are installed on metal. In an armored door the hinges can even be welded. This brings many advantages, not only on a security level. For example, hinges that are screwed onto wood tend to come loose over time. Whereas, if they are on metal, they will not.

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We have already described the differences between armored and reinforced doors. Let us know which one you chose for your home and why you chose it.

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