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Surely you’ve ever canceled a flight. Perhaps you miscalculated your travel dates or some situation has made it impossible for you to travel. So you know how tedious the process of flight cancellation can be. In addition to the disappointment of not being able to travel, you are forced to deal with airline policies.

But we’re here to help. If you have booked a flight with Easyjet and need to cancel it for any reason, follow these simple steps. Here is the procedure you need to follow to cancel a flight on Easyjet.

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Cancellation Policy

Easyjet is one of the airlines with the best flight cancellation policies. The airline knows that mistakes can be made when booking. That’s why they offer you a full day to cancel your flight and receive a full refund of what you paid.

However, after the day’s deadline, they will no longer be able to give you a refund. In this case you will have to contact the customer service department of the airline and explain the reasons why you cannot travel. They will most likely offer you the use of your ticket on another date.


If the reason you were unable to travel was an extreme situation, you may be able to get your money back. By extreme situation we can understand, for example, the death of a close relative.

Another situation that Easyjet has taken into consideration to make reimbursements to people who have not been able to travel, is the worldwide emergency by COVID-19. In the event that Easyjet cancels your flight due to COVID-19, you must provide the airline with all the information requested on a form. Once you have filled out the form, you will be able to receive your refund.

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How to cancel a flight on Easyjet

If it has not been 24 hours since you made the reservation:

1. Sign in with your Easyjet credentials
2. Go to the menu “Reservation Management”.
3. In the list of flights you have booked, locate the one you wish to cancel.
4. Cancel your flight.

If you did not cancel within 24 hours of your reservation

1. Sign in with your Easyjet credentials
2. Go to the menu “Reservation Management”.
3. In the list of booked flights, locate the flight on which you will not be able to travel.
4. Click on “manage interruption”.
5. Select the new date you wish to travel
6. Click on the “finish” button
7. Confirm that you made the changes you wanted.

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If you are unable to travel due to the death of a family member or for medical reasons

1. Contact Easyjet’s customer service department.
2. Explain the reasons why you could not travel.
3. Send the documentation that supports the reason why you are not travelling.
4. Expect answers from customer service.

If your flight was cancelled by COVID-19 and you want a refund

1. Have your reservation code ready.
2. On the Easyjet website, fill in the refund form.
3. Send the refund request.
4. You will have to wait a maximum of 28 working days for the total amount you paid to be refunded.

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How to contact Easyjet?

Remember that if you need help in any of these situations, you can always count on Easyjet’s customer service.

You can communicate through the online chat they offer directly on their website. There, you will be attended directly by a member of the Easyjet team who is willing to help you with anything you need.

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Another option you have is to communicate through their phone numbers. To find out which number corresponds to the country you are in, you can look for the list of contact numbers on the Easyjet website.

All you have to do is tell them not to panic if you need to cancel a flight. Remember that Easyjet takes into account that situations may arise that do not allow you to travel. Just follow the instructions presented in this post. You will see how easy the process of canceling your flight is.

Have you had to cancel a flight with Easyjet recently? How was the cancellation process? Were you able to get a refund or change the date of your trip? Tell us about your experience.


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