How to cancel the reservation at booking

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Surely it has happened to you that, after planning your desired vacation in detail, for one reason or another you cannot carry out your plans. This year 2020 in particular has brought complications for all travelers in the world. Many trips have had to be cancelled or postponed. So you used Booking to book your hotel room for a trip that you can’t make, or you simply changed your mind and want to stay somewhere else, here are the steps you must follow to cancel your reservation.

What kind of reservation did you make?

Remember that, when hiring a service, you must first read and accept the terms of that service. This is why you must identify what type of reservation you made and review the conditions of that specific reservation. Booking handles three ways of booking and the flexibility and prices of these vary.

Non-refundable reservation

This type of reservation is the most economical. As its name indicates, you will not get your money back in case you need or decide to cancel the reservation.

Semi-flexible reservation

This option offers you alternatives when you cancel your reservation. Usually you will only be charged 50% of the total amount you paid for the reservation.

Free cancellation

At the time of booking you will have to pay a little more if you choose this option. However, reservations with free cancellation guarantee that, if you need to cancel your reservation, you will be refunded the full amount you paid.

Cancel a booking at Booking

If for any reason you need to cancel your trip, be sure to do so within the time frame established for cancellations or you will have to pay a fine.

1. Log in to your Booking account.
2. Go to the option “bookings”
Ingresar a reservas
3. Booking must show you some reservations you have made through the platform, choose the one you want to cancel. Click on “manage reservation”.
Reservas actuales
4. In the new screen, click on the option “cancel your reservation”
Botón de cancelar reserva
5. Booking will display a screen indicating the type of reservation you made and ask you to confirm the reservation. In case you are sure to cancel, click on “yes, cancel this reservation”.
Menú de cancelar reserva
6. If everything has gone well so far, your reservation will appear as cancelled.
Reserva cancelada

Canceling a non-refundable reservation for Covid-19

So far everything has pointed to the fact that if you made a non-refundable reservation, you probably lost your money. But don’t worry, Booking is one of the best travel booking services, so keep in mind that some issues may arise that will not allow you to travel.

First of all, we want to explain you that, although booking can take into account some situations, you must have a valid argument in order to be reimbursed in case your booking is non refundable. This is a platform measure to protect the hotels as well. One situation that really escapes everyone’s attention and that Booking is taking into consideration is the worldwide emergency because of covid-19.

Do not try to cancel the reservation as we have explained above. Do not try to cancel the reservation as explained above. Choose the reservation you want to cancel and click on “request accommodation for cancellation exemption”. Booking will show you a window with a box in which you must explain the situation that forces you to cancel your reservation.

Send your reasons and if everything goes well, you will receive an email from Booking confirming that they have received your request and then an email stating that your booking has been cancelled. Your money will be refunded in the following working days.

Remember, these refunds will only apply for covid-19 reasons. In fact, Booking has contacted many of its users to explain the processes of cancellation of reservations and refunds due to the global emergency.

As you may have seen, canceling a reservation at Booking is not complicated at all. Make sure your reservation can be cancelled for free if you want your money back and follow the steps described above to cancel.

Did our tutorial help you? Tell us about your experience canceling a reservation in the comments.

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