How to care for a hamster


Hamsters have become the preferred choice when it comes to choosing a pet. They are very cute animals, ideal for keeping you company at home. They like to play and share with you. However, they will require certain care in order to live happily. Stay with us and discover how to take care of a hamster.

What do I need to take care of my hamster?


You should choose a spacious cage to make your pet feel comfortable in it. Make sure your hamster has enough space so that it can choose where to eat, where to put its waste and where to rest.


You also need to consider the material the cage is made of. If it is a plastic or metal cage, it is probably a bar cage. Always choose a cage whose bars are not too far apart, so that there is no risk of your pet escaping.

Some people prefer glass fish tank cages.

Hamster Nest

Casa para hamsterA hamster will need a place to shelter from the cold inside the cage. That’s why it’s ideal to get a little house or nest for him. Remember that hamsters are very sensitive animals, so you have to make the environment as comfortable as possible for them.

Exercise Toys and Accessories

Your pet is a living being, so he’ll need something to entertain him even in his limited cage space. In pet shops you can find lots of toys to keep your hamster busy.

You should also install an exercise wheel inside his cage. Remember that exercise is never too much for the health of our small animal.

Hamster food

You can find hamster food in your favorite pet store. Your little hamster should have a balanced diet, so you should provide enough food for it. Serve him food at least daily.

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Supplement the diet with small portions of fruit. I assure you he will love it and it won’t hurt him.

Hamster Drinker

In addition to giving him food, you must keep your hamster hydrated. To do this, ideally you should install a drinking fountain in its cage. You can find this accessory in any pet store.

Make sure the drinker can be easily reached by your hamster. Use drinking water (not tap water) to keep your pet hydrated.

Change the water in the water bowl every day. Dirty or wasteful water can breed bacteria that cause infection or disease in your pet.

How should I care for my hamster?

Make the cage floor comfortable

You should cover the floor of your pet’s cage with some material that makes it more comfortable. Your pet will love to move around in wood shavings or paper, for example. Also, hamsters will take advantage of this material that you leave on the floor of their cages to accommodate their nest as they see fit.

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Choose a Good Place for Your Cage

When choosing the place for the cage, you should think about protecting your hamster from both heat and cold. You cannot put the cage in a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight. You cannot put the cage where there is too much air circulation because you will be exposing the hamster to disease.

As we have already mentioned, hamsters are sensitive animals. This is why they are very easily frightened. Shocks can even kill them. Make sure your hamster cage is in a quiet corner of your house.

Take care of its fur and claws

It’s always good to take care of the hamster’s fur by combing it with a special hamster comb you can get at the pet store.

You should also cut your pet’s nails when they look too long.

Clean the cage from time to time

You can clean the cage with soap and water on a weekly basis. Change the material you have chosen for the floor with this same frequency.

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Don’t bathe your hamster

He takes care of his own grooming. You don’t need to bathe him, you’d be exposing him to disease.

You’ve seen that having a hamster requires a certain amount of dedication. As a side note, spend some time with your hamster every day. Share with him every day so he can get acquainted with you.

And you, have you ever had a hamster? How have you cared for it? Let us know your experience.

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