How to care for a rabbit

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If you’re an animal lover, you’ve probably considered keeping a rabbit as a pet. How could you not? Rabbits are lovely, gentle animals. They’re perfect for keeping you company at home. Here you will find all the information you need if you have decided to have a rabbit at home or if you already have one and need to resolve any doubts.

Taking responsibility

Caring for any animal brings with it a certain level of responsibility. All animals are living beings that have their own needs. And rabbits are no exception. If you have decided to have a rabbit as a pet, you should take into account that rabbits need care in terms of food, exercise, the environment in which they live, etc.

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In exchange for your care you will receive a lot of love and fun from your pet. If you are ready to take responsibility continue reading.

Basic rabbit care

Visiting the vet

Like all pets, your rabbit will need to go to the vet regularly. Not only should you take him when he seems ill but you should establish routine visits. This way you can assure that your little furry friend is in good health.


Also remember that rabbits need to be up to date with their vaccinations and de-worming.

Rabbit cage

A rabbit should have plenty of room to explore. Remember that rabbits are very sensitive animals which can become depressed if they are locked up. If you are going to keep your rabbit in a cage, try to keep it fairly spacious and, most importantly, let it out every day.

As well as being spacious the cage should be as comfortable as possible. Make sure that the rabbit can choose where to sleep inside its cage. You should also consider that the rabbit should always have food and water at his disposal even if he is locked up. For this you will need a container to place the food and a drinker.


The cage should also have a space where your rabbit can deposit its necessities. The rabbits are animals of habit so they probably choose only one place for this. Take care of providing your pet with a rabbit litter box which you can place in the place where they do their business.

Remember to also leave something to gnaw on inside the cage. You can use cardboard or some wood.

Getting the rabbit out of the cage

A very important aspect in the care of the rabbits is to let them exercise. Even though it is important that they can move well inside their cage,the ideal is that you let them go out every day to play for a while inside the house or in the garden.

But you should always supervise what your rabbit is doing. Remember that inside the house there are objects which can represent a danger for our pet. For example, rabbits like to gnaw on wires, and this can cause them to end up hurting themselves. One option to solve this problem is to protect your wires or raise them so that the rabbit cannot bite them and give the rabbit something safe to gnaw on.

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Take advantage of the time you take your rabbit out of the cage to play with it. You’ll see how much fun they have.

Feeding a Rabbit

The rabbits must always have hay at their disposal in order to be able to feed themselves. However,you must complement their feeding. You can give him some vegetables and fruits twice a day. We recommend that you feed your rabbit lettuce.

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This may surprise you but you should not give the rabbits carrots. They are not good food for them

Of course, you must also keep your rabbit hydrated. Give it clean water every day.

Additional care

-Keep his cage clean
-Don’t bathe your rabbit
-He takes care of his hair, his teeth and his nails
You must brush your rabbit’s fur to help it get rid of the hair it is losing. Also,you should make sure that your rabbit always has things to bite on to control the growth of its teeth. You should also cut your pet?s nails frequently.

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The truth is that all the care which you need to take in order to have a rabbit as a pet is worthwhile. Rabbits are very affectionate animals which will make you laugh at their mischief more than once. So take our advice and encourage yourself to have a rabbit at home.

If you already have a rabbit as a pet, tell us what other recommendations you have for looking after rabbits?

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