How to care for aloe vera

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You’ve probably heard about all the benefits aloe vera has. This plant has uses ranging from weight loss to skin cleansing. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have an aloe vera plant in the house. If you’re thinking about it, here are the best tips for caring for an aloe vera plant. Don’t miss them! You’ll see how easy it is.
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How to plant aloe vera

If you have decided to have an aloe vera plant in your home, you can plant it in your yard or have it in a pot. But remember that the pot must have certain specifications. You’ll need a pot that is relatively large so that your plant’s roots will grow smoothly.

Make sure that the soil you use to plant it contains enough organic components to provide the plant with the sustenance it needs and that it is soil that drains the water well, as the roots of aloe vera can rot if they are in too much contact with it.
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How to care for the aloe vera plant

Now that you have your aloe vera plant, you should follow these recommendations so that it stays healthy and lives a long time:


The aloe vera plant gets along very well in hot climates, so it needs to live in a place with plenty of light. However, everything in excess is bad. Although it gets along very well with the sun’s rays, try not to expose it directly for more than ten hours a day.

Keep in mind that you should protect your plant when it is cold.


Don’t even think about watering your aloe vera plant daily. As we have already told you, the roots of the plant are sensitive to water and aloe vera is quite resistant to heat. It’s enough to water it every two weeks. You should also not use a large amount of water when watering, just watering the soil is enough to keep your plant healthy. If you live in a damp place, you probably need to water it even less.
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If you over-water your plant, you run the risk that it will start to get damaged. But don’t worry, the plant itself will give you signs that you are giving it more water than it needs, because its leaves will start to weaken. If you’re not giving the plant enough water, you’ll notice that the leaves start to shrivel.


Aloe vera needs very nutritious soil to grow healthily. Fertilize the soil where you have your plant with humus at least once a year. Do it too if you ever need to transplant it. You will see how your plant will thank you.

Another option to fertilize your aloe vera plant is liquid fertilizer, but as we told you at the beginning of this article, aloe vera has many benefits, and we could not take advantage of them if we used artificial fertilizer, because we would be putting our health at risk.
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Now that we have told you all this, you will have realized that the aloe vera plant is not difficult to maintain, even if it needs some care. In short, you should keep it in a pot where it can develop properly. It should be in a warm place with good light. You should not overwater it and you should make sure that the soil where it grows is kept full of the nutrients that aloe needs so much to be healthy.

Encourage yourself to have your own aloe vera plant and let us know if you take advantage of any of its benefits. Tell us, what do you use aloe vera for?

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