How to care for bonsai ficus

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You probably remember bonsai as miniature trees. But what you possibly didn’& rsquo; t recognize is that the ficus species are extensively used by those that are just beginning in the bonsai company. This is generally due to the fact that bonsai are reasonably straightforward to look after and have the characteristic of being very resilient.

If you are encouraged to have your very own bonsai ficus, we assure you that you will certainly have a stunning mini tree with glossy environment-friendly leaves. Adhere to the care we explain listed below as well as you will see how easy it is to take care of our bonsai ficus at home.

Basic care of bonsai ficus


The greatest recommendation we make pertaining to where to put your bonsai ficus, is that you put it in your patio or garden. We want to emphasize that these plants will expand much healthier and also more vigorous if they are outdoors.

In addition, it is most likely that the high humidity problems required by bonsai ficus can be maintained outdoors.

Simply ensure you protect your plant well in cold seasons.

Lights and temperature level

For your bonsai ficus to create correctly, you need to place it in a well-lit area with natural light. However, it is not essential to expose it directly to sunlight.

You have to bear in mind that bonsai ficus need a lot of light for healthy and balanced growth. Even if you have them indoors, you ought to leave them, for instance, near a window. If your plant does not get sufficient light, you will most likely begin to see the development of very fragile origins and stems in it.

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In regards to temperature level, as stated above, you must shield your bonsai ficus from extremely cold environments where temperature levels drop listed below 4°& deg; C or 5 & deg; C. Remember that most of the ficus trees are of exotic origin, so they get on better with cozy temperature levels.

Sprinkling bonsai ficus

As with lots of various other plants, you should observe the soil where your bonsai ficus is planted to know when to water. When you notice that your plant’& rsquo; s substrate is virtually dry, you should give a moderate amount of water with the dirt surface area.

Excess water can rot your plant’& rsquo; s roots, so be very mindful. It is extremely important that your bonsai ficus pot has water drainage openings whereby any excess water can drain.

You should also bear in mind that you must rejuvenate the leaves frequently. By doing this, your bonsai ficus will certainly have healthy leaves that will certainly give it a thick appearance.


Trimming is just one of the most crucial aspects when looking after any kind of sort of bonsai. Keep in mind that it is with trimming that bonsai keep the form you make a decision to provide.

We suggest that you wear handwear covers throughout pruning, or wash your hands extensively after pruning your bonsai ficus. Remember that, like any type of other ficus, it emits a harmful sap that helps it a whole lot to seal the cuts.

Substratum and fertilizer

It is vital for your bonsai ficus to have an extremely well-drained dirt. As we have actually informed you, any kind of excess water in the substrate can harm your plant.

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The frequency of fertilization will depend upon the season. Don’& rsquo; t be afraid to feed your bonsai ficus. Keep in mind that bonsai are plants that require a lot of nutrients from their substrate. Throughout the months that do not come from the winter, you can fertilize your bonsai also fortnightly. When winter months arrives, feed regular monthly.

When it comes to the kind of fertilizer you should make use of, you can use some organic fertilizer such as worm humus. If you favor, you can also make use of some liquid fertilizer that you can thin down in the watering water. We assure you that in your preferred garden store you can get some ideal fertilizer for your bonsai ficus.

Bugs and also illness

In places of severe humidity, your bonsai ficus is revealed to fungal conditions. In addition, bonsai fallen leaves are a favored house for some bugs.

If you notice that your bonsai has been attacked by an insect, keep in mind to get rid of the damaged parts quickly, to ensure that the plant does not remain to get ill.

Consult your favored yard shop for referrals on an ideal insecticide for your bonsai ficus pest.

As you have seen, bonsai ficus require particular care to establish healthily. But we guarantee you that, with time and also devotion, you will certainly have the ability to have a beautiful miniature tree in your garden design.

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