How to care for carnations

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You possibly understand the carnations. These flowers are a favored for floral gifts. Also, they make a stunning design in your house. This is mainly because of their attractive shape, their range of bright colors, and also the positive odor they release.

In this message we will certainly inform you just how to keep carnations healthy and balanced and strong in your yard. We will tell you that carnations do not need excessive treatment, so if you comply with these easy actions, your yard will be the envy of all your next-door neighbors.

Standard carnation treatment

Illumination as well as temperature level

Carnations are flowers that must be outdoors. For their proper development, carnations need a good quantity of direct sunshine on a daily basis. Preferably, they must get sunshine for numerous hrs a day.

Suitable temperatures for carnations to expand healthy are cozy temperature levels over 20 °& deg; C and below 25 & deg; C. If your carnations are subjected to reduced temperature levels where you live, you must safeguard your carnations. It holds true that these blossoms can hold up against some chilly, however really low temperatures can harm them.


Water your carnations often, yet be careful not to exaggerate it. In warm seasons, you can sprinkle your flowers daily or every other day. When the cold season begins, you need to reduce the regularity of watering as well as water once a week.

It is necessary to bear in mind that you should just water to moisten the dirt of your carnations. You must not sprinkle with large amounts of water, as you risk of making your blossoms sick.

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If you are unsure you are providing sufficient water to your carnations, consider their fallen leaves. The leaves will certainly begin to dry out when you are not appropriately moistening your blossoms.


Carnations require a lot of nutrients from the soil, so your flowers will need soil that can satisfy their demands. On top of that, it has to be a standard ph soil abundant in natural components.

One more essential element relating to the soil is that it should be light and also well-drained. As we currently pointed out, excess water in the substrate can make your plant ill and rot its origins.


As we have actually already mentioned, carnations are really demanding with the soil where they grow. During the periods of the year when the plant is in blossom, you can supply plant food every two weeks. In the direction of the winter months, you ought to decrease the frequency of fertilizing. Rather than biweekly fertilization, in winter months you should feed regular monthly.

An excellent alternative is to use liquid plant food for the carnations. We suggest that you see your preferred garden store and request a suggestion of plant foods that will certainly benefit your flowers.

Keep in mind that all unwanteds are bad. Even using more plant food than you require can damage your plant.

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You need to constantly transplant your carnations to areas where they have adequate space to expand easily. If you intend to transplant your carnations right into a new pot, make certain the pot always has water drainage openings and is broad enough.

If you are mosting likely to transplant your carnations right into your garden soil, ensure you offer your flowers their very own area to make sure that their origins grow smoothly.


You don’& rsquo; t have to prune your carnations. However, you can make use of pruning to remove flowers that have currently died. Additionally, you can get rid of any type of stems or leaves that appearance bad. This way, your carnations will certainly have an extra care free appearance.

Besides, an excellent trimming constantly adds to the development of more resistant stems.

Conditions as well as insects.

Carnations are flowers that are fairly immune to pests as well as conditions. Nonetheless, they can be influenced by some insects, parasites, and fungi. Especially under problems like way too much moisture.

In situation of an insect, you can most likely aid your carnations by utilizing some pesticide. You can avoid various other sorts of conditions by adhering to the guidance we have given you throughout this message.

Carnations will certainly provide their stunning colors to your garden during good amount of times. Remember that you can find as well as grow red, yellow, pink, orange and a selection of other colors. As you will certainly have seen, they are flowers that do not require much care as well as, in return, they will offer you their extraordinary scent and also beauty.

Do you have carnations in the house? Have you ever been offered carnations as a gift? Have you attempted carnation tea? Tell us your experience with these attractive blossoms in the remark box. We eagerly anticipate reviewing you.

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