How to care for carnations

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You probably know the carnations. These flowers are a favorite for floral gifts. Also, they make a beautiful decoration in your home. This is largely due to their beautiful shape, their variety of bright colors, and the pleasant smell they give off.

In this post we will tell you how to keep carnations healthy and strong in your garden. We will tell you that carnations do not require excessive care, so if you follow these simple steps, your garden will be the envy of all your neighbors.

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Basic carnation care

Lighting and temperature

Carnations are flowers that must be outdoors. For their correct development, carnations require a good amount of direct sunlight on a daily basis. Preferably, they should receive sunlight for several hours a day.


Suitable temperatures for carnations to grow healthy are warm temperatures above 20 °C and below 25 °C. If your carnations are exposed to lower temperatures where you live, you should protect your carnations. It is true that these flowers can withstand some cold, but very low temperatures can damage them.


Water your carnations often, but be careful not to overdo it. In hot seasons, you can water your flowers daily or every other day. When the cold season begins, you should decrease the frequency of watering and water weekly.

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It is important to remember that you should only water to moisten the soil of your carnations. You should not water with large amounts of water, as you run the risk of making your flowers sick.

If you are not sure you are giving enough water to your carnations, look at their leaves. The leaves will begin to dry out when you are not properly hydrating your flowers.


Carnations demand a lot of nutrients from the soil, so your flowers will require soil that can meet their needs. In addition, it must be a basic ph soil rich in organic components.

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Another important aspect regarding the soil is that it must be light and well-drained. As we already mentioned, excess water in the substrate can make your plant sick and rot its roots.


As we have already mentioned, carnations are very demanding with the soil where they grow. During the seasons of the year when the plant is in flower, you can provide fertilizer every two weeks. Towards the winter, you should reduce the frequency of fertilization. Instead of fortnightly fertilization, in winter you should fertilize monthly.

A good option is to use liquid fertilizer for the carnations. We recommend that you visit your favorite garden shop and ask for a recommendation of fertilizers that will work for your flowers.

Keep in mind that all excesses are bad. Even using more fertilizer than you need could damage your plant.


You should always transplant your carnations to places where they have enough space to grow freely. If you plan to transplant your carnations into a new pot, make sure the pot always has drainage holes and is wide enough.

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If you are going to transplant your carnations into your garden soil, make sure you give your flowers their own space so that their roots grow smoothly.


You don’t have to prune your carnations. However, you can use pruning to remove flowers that have already died. Also, you can remove any stems or leaves that look bad. This way, your carnations will have a more carefree appearance.

Besides, a good pruning always contributes to the growth of more resistant stems.

Diseases and pests.

Carnations are flowers that are quite resistant to pests and diseases. However, they can be affected by some insects, parasites, and fungi. Especially under conditions like too much humidity.

In case of a pest, you can probably help your carnations by using some insecticide. You can prevent other types of diseases by following the advice we have given you throughout this post.

Carnations will offer their beautiful colors to your garden during good periods of time. Remember that you can find and cultivate red, yellow, pink, orange and a variety of other colors. As you will have seen, they are flowers that do not require much care and, in return, they will offer you their incredible aroma and beauty.

Do you have carnations at home? Have you ever been given carnations as a gift? Have you tried carnation tea? Tell us your experience with these beautiful flowers in the comment box. We look forward to reading you.

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