How to care for coves

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It’s hard to think of anyone who doesn’t like coves. They are beautiful flowers that you can use as an ornament in your home and garden. You can even use them as a decoration at a party or celebration that is important to you.

You probably know coves as white flowers, but you can find them in a variety of colors. There are coves in yellow and even violet shades.

Despite what it may seem, they are quite hardy plants. But even so, they will require some care. Read on to find out how to care for coves.

How to Plant Coves?

If you want to have calla lilies both in your garden and in your home, you’ll probably have to buy some flower buds from your favorite garden store. If you are planting in your garden, you can dig several holes deep enough and far enough apart. Try to leave at least six inches between each hole.

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If you are planting in a pot, dig holes in the soil of the pot. You can plant a maximum of five shoots in each hole. You should also provide the soil where you are planting with some extra nutrients so that your shims grow healthy and strong. You can fertilize the soil with any organic substrate, such as humus.

Once you have planted your creeks, you will have to water the soil where they grow so that they can develop in an environment with sufficient humidity.

How do you look after your coves?

Lighting and temperature

Like all plants, coves also need light. However, the ideal for them is to achieve a balance in which they can receive light for a certain time and then be in the shade.

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As we mentioned, coves are quite hardy flowers. It is for this reason that they can adapt to various types of climate. Although they get along better with tropical climates, they can survive temperatures close to 0°C. However, if you live in a place where these temperatures are reached, it is advisable to locate your cove in a place where it receives more natural light than shade.


Coves need a humid environment to develop properly. This is why you should make sure you are very generous with your watering of the coves. Once they have bloomed, water your creeks quite often.

But remember that just because they need moisture doesn’t mean you should drown them in water, or you will rot their roots. As long as the soil where the coves are growing remains moist, it is more than enough. Never allow the soil to look dry.

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Stop watering the coves completely once the cold season has begun where you live.

Substrate and fertilizer

Like many plants that require moisture to grow, coves need soil that can drain excess water. In addition, the substrate where your coves grow must provide the flowers with all the nutrients they need.

You can prepare a substrate that meets all the needs of your flowers. Add some material to the soil that helps to conserve humidity, such as coconut fibres.

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If you have your coves in a pot, we should remind you that the pot should have holes in the bottom that can remove excess water from the substrate. In addition, you should transplant the flowers at least annually. Make the most of each transplant by adding new fertilizer to your pot.

You can also fertilise with special liquid fertilisers from your favourite garden centre. Dissolve the amount indicated by the fertilizer manufacturer in the water you will use to water your creeks. You can do this every two weeks.


Don’t worry about this. You won’t need to prune your creeks.


As we mentioned, the coves are pretty tough plants. But there are animals like insects and snails that like to feed on coves. To avoid this, you need to check your flowers often. If you have the slightest suspicion that your coves may be affected by a pest, go to your favorite garden store.

You can eliminate many pests with an insecticide or pesticide. Follow the recommendations of the experts in the garden shops.

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As you have seen, by following the simple tips we have given you, you can have beautiful coves blooming in your garden or in your home. Coves are a beautiful decoration, so all the care they need is worth it.

Do you like coves? Have you ever used them as decoration in some event? Tell us if coves are your favorite flowers and any experience you have had with these flowers. We are waiting for your comments

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