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You might have seen some ficuses when, yet you wear’& rsquo; t recognize them by name. Ficuses are attractive plants with bright eco-friendly leaves. They are plants that don’& rsquo; t request excessive treatment as well as you can have them both in your home and also in your yard. Nonetheless, even though they are very easy to maintain, there are some cares that you can not neglect if you intend to have a ficus. Here we show you whatever you need to know.

Standard treatment

Place and lighting

Whether you decide to have your ficus inside or outdoors, you ought to find it in a place where it gets natural light. These plants require a lot of light. However, you have to be extremely cautious during the periods when it is really warm. These plants can struggle with burns on their leaves if you expose them straight to sunlight for a very long time.

Bear in mind that if you live in a location with strong wind currents, you will certainly have to locate ways to shield your plant where you place it. Ficus stems are quite fragile and also can be broken by the wind.

Additionally, if you live in areas where temperature levels drop as well reduced at certain times of the year, you will certainly need to shield it. These plants are opponents of the cold.


The watering will certainly depend a whole lot on the time of year you are in. In hot weather, you need to sprinkle your ficus plant frequently. You can do this a minimum of 3 times a week. But sprinkling need to be modest to make sure that excess water does not accumulate near the roots. This can rot them.

In winters, you should decrease the frequency of watering. You can sprinkle your plant fortnightly.

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Keep in mind that the soil of your ficus should always be damp. So you must put the water straight on the dirt.


First off, the ficus is a plant that expands a whole lot. If you have it in a pot, you possibly require to transplant it at some time. You will certainly require to move your plant to bigger pots, and undoubtedly with even more substrate. The pots should likewise have drainage openings.

As for the soil, it should be rich in organic substances (like various other indoor plant substrates), with a certain inclination to be acidic soil as well as able to drain pipes any kind of excess water well.


You need to constantly make sure that your plant’& rsquo; s substrate supplies it with the minerals to grow healthy and also solid. Specifically for ficus, we recommend using some liquid plant food.

Fluid plant food is perfect since you can dissolve it in the water you will certainly use to water your plant. It is always advised that you use a little less than the quantity of fertilizer suggested by the maker. When it comes to the ficus, it is better to fertilize it a little than to over-fertilize it.

You need to make use of fertilizer whenever you transplant the plant. Transplant it when you consider it necessary. Additionally, the regularity of plant food usage need to go to the very least every 2 months.

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Keep in mind that ficuses produce a great deal of leaves. Ideally, you must use pruning to remove all the leaves that are yellow, completely dry or in inadequate condition. Don’& rsquo; t bother with it. With trimming you will be aiding new leaves expand. And also, your ficus will look healthy and balanced and also strong.

You can likewise get rid of some stems to make sure that your plant can breathe. Once more, these stems will expand back stronger and also much healthier.

It is advised that you use well sharp and disinfected scissors for trimming. If the scissors are not clean, you can make your ficus unwell.


Ficus is the favored food of some insects. You need to always keep an eye on the stems of your plant to detect the existence of any kind of insects. The good news is that there are many insecticides that can help you with this issue. Nonetheless, using the pesticide will certainly rely on the details type of insect that is influencing your ficus.

The ficus is an ornamental plant full of life many thanks to its extremely green fallen leaves. There are many ranges that you can have at home and care for without too much effort.

Tell us if you already have a ficus in your home or if you want having one. If you have any uncertainty or recommendations you intend to contribute to the information of this message, wear’& rsquo; t be reluctant to leave it in the remarks.

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