How to care for geraniums

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If you’& rsquo; re a gardening fanatic, you’& rsquo; ve possibly considered planting geraniums. Their intense colours as well as beautiful forms make geraniums the ideal flowers to decorate our yard. In this blog post we inform you that it is not difficult to expand geraniums in our residence. Nevertheless, these flowers require particular care. Read on to learn whatever you need to understand about exactly how to appropriately take care of geraniums.

Geranium ranges

Keep in mind that, similar to all plants, care will rely on the varieties of geranium you have. There are various types of geraniums, so it would certainly be challenging to call them all below. Nonetheless, right here are several of one of the most usual ones.


They’& rsquo; re one of the most typical geraniums. Preferred by many individuals for their resilience and their striking blossoms.


These geraniums are most functional. They can stand the cold very well, but they can likewise stand the sun.


Defined by the variety of colors of its blossoms. They are proficient at holding up against chilly temperature levels as long as they are not severe. Yet they choose cozy temperature levels. They look lovely in planters.

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Suitable for outside usage. It is one more species of geranium that is very resistant to sunshine and warmth, yet additionally to chilly.

Care of geraniums


The excellent soil for geraniums is a soil with enough natural structure to give the needed nutrients for your flowers to expand healthy and balanced. Dirts with an organic composition are ideal because of their density and drainage ability.

Fertilize your geraniums’ & rsquo; soil during the springtime or summer to guarantee that your plant can soak up all the nutrients it requires. Constantly utilize natural fertilizers such as humus or compost.


As we have actually currently discussed, the suitable is to keep the soil fertilized with raw material. Nonetheless, if you have no option however to use some fertilizer, it is recommended to make use of unique plant food for geraniums. You can obtain it at your favorite garden shop.


Geraniums like the sunlight, so they’& rsquo; re terrific for growing outdoors. Constantly keep them in a place where they get lots of natural light. If you have your geraniums indoors, position them near a huge window completely lighting. You’& rsquo; ll see how pleased your geraniums will certainly be growing in all the sunlight they need.

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You don’& rsquo; t have to water your geraniums on a daily basis, this could rot your plant. It is also extremely essential that you do not overwater or sprinkle the soil, remember that these flowers are not pals with moisture. In hot durations like summertime, water only twice a week. During the winter, water your geraniums weekly.


You can trim your geranium any time of the year, however if you are going to reduce stems, we advise that you do so during the fall. During the blooming seasons you can remove the bent flowers and also the dry and also broken leaves. Additionally, these exact same flowers as well as leaves can be utilized as fertilizer for your plant.

Added care

Secure your geraniums during the winter

As we have already mentioned, geraniums are quite functional and can adapt well to hot and cold climate. Nevertheless, if you live where the temperatures drop also low, you require to safeguard your plant. Put the geraniums inside a pot or cover them with some plastic with holes that allow them to breathe.

Do not sprinkle the fallen leaves or blossoms directly

You will certainly expose the blossoms and leaves to sunburn and also harm your plant.

Look after your flowers from insects and conditions

Geraniums are stunning blossoms, however they are in great danger of ending up being ill. Excess moisture, as an example, makes them vulnerable to fungi.

Geraniums are also exposed to bugs like the so-called “& ldquo; geranium butterfly & rdquo; whose caterpillars harm the plant’& rsquo; s stems. To fight this insect, you should cut off the diseased stems and use pesticide.

You know that geraniums bring a touch of life and also color to your yard. Tell us in the comments just how you are doing by complying with these helpful suggestions.

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