How to care for geraniums


If you’re a gardening enthusiast, you’ve probably considered planting geraniums. Their bright colours and beautiful shapes make geraniums the ideal flowers to decorate our garden. In this post we tell you that it is not difficult to grow geraniums in our home. However, these flowers need specific care. Read on to find out everything you need to know about how to properly care for geraniums.

Geranium varieties

Remember that, as with all plants, care will depend on the species of geranium you have. There are many different types of geraniums, so it would be difficult to name them all here. However, here are some of the most common ones.


They’re one of the most common geraniums. Preferred by many people for their resilience and their striking flowers.

Geranio limónLemon

These geraniums are most versatile. They can stand the cold very well, but they can also stand the sun.

Geranio hiedraIvy

Characterized by the variety of colors of its flowers. They are good at withstanding cold temperatures as long as they are not extreme. But they prefer warm temperatures. They look beautiful in planters.

Geranio francésFrench

Ideal for outdoor use. It is another species of geranium that is very resistant to sunlight and heat, but also to cold.

Care of geraniums


The ideal soil for geraniums is a soil with enough organic composition to provide the necessary nutrients for your flowers to grow healthy. Soils with an organic composition are ideal because of their density and drainage capacity.

Fertilize your geraniums’ soil during the spring or summer to ensure that your plant can absorb all the nutrients it needs. Always use organic fertilizers such as humus or compost.
Suelo de geranios


As we have already mentioned, the ideal is to keep the soil fertilized with organic matter. However, if you have no choice but to use some fertilizer, it is recommended to use special fertilizer for geraniums. You can get it at your favorite garden store.


Geraniums love the sun, so they’re great for planting outdoors. Always keep them in a place where they get plenty of natural light. If you have your geraniums indoors, place them near a large window for good lighting. You’ll see how happy your geraniums will be growing in all the sunlight they need.


You don’t have to water your geraniums every day, this could rot your plant. It is also very important that you do not overwater or water the soil, remember that these flowers are not friends with moisture. In hot periods like summer, water only twice a week. During the winter, water your geraniums weekly.

Regar geranios


You can prune your geranium at any time of the year, but if you are going to cut stems, we recommend that you do so during the autumn. During the flowering seasons you can cut off the wilted flowers and the dry and damaged leaves. In addition, these same flowers and leaves can be used as fertilizer for your plant.

Additional care

Protect your geraniums during the winter

As we have already mentioned, geraniums are quite versatile and can adapt well to hot and cold weather. However, if you live where the temperatures drop too low, you need to protect your plant. Put the geraniums inside a pot or cover them with some plastic with holes that allow them to breathe.

Do not water the leaves or flowers directly

You will expose the flowers and leaves to sunburn and damage your plant.

Take care of your flowers from pests and diseases

Geraniums are beautiful flowers, but they are in great danger of becoming sick. Excess moisture, for example, makes them prone to fungus.

Geraniums are also exposed to pests like the so-called “geranium butterfly” whose caterpillars hurt the plant’s stems. To fight this pest, you must cut off the diseased stems and use insecticide.

You know that geraniums bring a touch of life and color to your garden. Tell us in the comments how you are doing by following these helpful tips.

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