How to care for poinsettias

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Christmas is one of the most beautiful and magical times of the year. It is impossible to think of a Christmas without the red and green colors of Easter flowers. These flowers are ideal to decorate your home and to give away during the holidays. However, once Christmas is over, many people leave them to die without knowing that, with proper care, poinsettias can survive to bloom a new December. Would you like to know how to make your poinsettia live so long? Here’s how!

Pick your poinsettia

It’s December and you’re looking for a beautiful poinsettia to have in your home, but you don’t know how to pick it. Consider these simple recommendations:

Always look at the leaves! If the leaves are spotted or damaged, the plant is probably not healthy.

– You can tell if a plant will not last long by looking at the sprouts at the base of the plant. Don’t buy any plant that has a yellow coating on these shoots.
– Do not buy any plant that you notice has been overwatered or underwatered.
– Protect your plant once you buy it, as they are very sensitive to temperature.

Poinsettia Care

Lighting and temperature:

Even if you don’t know it, poinsettias are tropical flowers, so they won’t survive outside if it’s very cold. Ideally, you should keep the plant in a place where it can be kept at a medium temperature (not too hot or too cold) and with good lighting, but without receiving the sun’s rays directly.


You must be very careful with the excess of water, because this can affect your plant a lot. The soil of your poinsettia should be slightly moist. As you should not wet the leaves or the flower, we recommend that you simply immerse the pot of your poinsettia in water (up to the base of the plant only) and then let the water drain away.

Remember that there is no specific time between watering and watering, but it is recommended to wait until the soil of the plant dries out a little before watering again. Environments without the necessary humidity will cause the leaves to fall off the flower, so remember to refresh them.

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To fertilize your poinsettia, always use liquid fertilizer. You can fertilize it every ten or fifteen days.

How do I make sure my poinsettia survives until next Christmas?

You may think that making your poinsettia blossom another Christmas is a miracle, but it’s not as hard as it seems. Follow these simple tips:

Prune it: Once it has lost all its leaves in January, cut off its stems, four inches from the base. Remember to do it carefully, the sap of the poinsettia can irritate your skin.

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– Now you can leave your plant in a place without too much light. Your plant will need watering, but not too much. A good option is to water it weekly.
Repot your poinsettia: get a bigger pot for your plant. Use soil mixed with gravel, sand or volcanic soil in your new pot. At this point you should also start watering your poinsettia more.
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– If everything goes well, you’ll start to see the new shoots of your flower sooner during the pre-winter seasons. Remember to give these plants the same care in terms of lighting, temperature and watering as mentioned above.
– Before you can give your new Christmas flowers, there is one last step: leave them in the dark for at least half a day. Doing this at the end of September is of vital importance so that you can have beautiful red flowers in December. If you don’t do this, you will only have one green-leafed plant.

We know that poinsettias can be a bit delicate, having to take care of them even if they get hit by their brittle stem, but we are sure that if you follow our advice on how to take care of them, you will have a beautiful red flower by Christmas.

Let us know how you have done with our recommendations!

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