How to care for roses


Roses are the favourite when making a gift because of their beauty and exquisite aroma. There are different colors and it is difficult to imagine that someone does not like roses. This is why many people wish to be able to grow their own roses at home. However, this is not an easy task. Roses need special care in order to grow beautiful.

Here we are going to talk about the basic care you need to give your rose bush. Don’t miss them.

How to plant roses?

Remember that your rose bush can be planted in the ground or it can bloom in a pot. If you decide to plant it in the ground, you must bear in mind that the hole where you are going to plant it must be deep enough and wide enough so that the roots of the plant can develop.

Also, consider that the soil where you plant your roses should be rich in organic matter. If possible, provide a layer of fertilizer when you plant.

Rosal en exterior

The way you plant a rose is no different from the way you plant another type of plant. Just put the rose bush in the hole you have prepared and compact the soil around the roots.

Basic care of rosebushes


Remember that roses need a lot of sunlight, so they must be exposed to it for many hours a day. This makes rose plants ideal for being outdoors. So be sure to place them somewhere with good lighting.


No matter if you have decided to have your rose bush in a pot or directly in the ground, it will always need a soil rich in organic matter. This type of soil will provide the rose bush with the necessary nutrients for its healthy development.

Sustrato de rosal

Keep in mind that the pH of the soil is extremely important when growing roses. The pH should be neutral or high so that the roses can grow without problems.

We also recommend that you use a well-drained mixture as a substrate. This will prevent the roots of the rose bush from being exposed to too much moisture. For this you can add sand or gravel to the soil.


It is very important to bear in mind that rosebushes run too many risks if they are over-watered. They run the risk of their roots rotting or becoming diseased with fungi. That is why, as we mentioned earlier, the soil where they are planted must be well-drained.

Also, you should be very careful when you water your roses. The frequency of watering will depend mostly on the climate where you have your rose bush. If your plant is exposed to a hot climate, where there is almost no humidity, you can water it calmly every day. If the weather is wet, you can water it twice a week.

In addition to the frequency of watering, you should take into account the amount of water you give your plant. Water carefully so that the soil does not become waterlogged and the water does not touch the flowers or leaves, as this exposes these parts to fungus or sunburn.


As we mentioned before, plants need a soil with a high supply of nutrients and organic matter. Roses are among the most demanding plants when it comes to extracting nutrients from the soil. That is why you should always be careful to fertilize the soil.

Tierra abonada para rosas

Always use organic fertilizers and don’t be afraid to fertilize often. Ideally, you should fertilize the soil of your rose bush on a monthly basis.

Regarding the use of fertilizers, look for a special fertilizer for roses in your favorite garden store.


Pruning is one of the most significant aspects when it comes to roses. Remember that during pruning you can remove branches, leaves and flowers in poor condition. In this way, as well as giving your rose bush a more cared for appearance, you will be contributing to the healthy growth of the plant.

Poda de rosal

You can help yourself by using scissors when pruning. As we have already mentioned, roses are very susceptible, so the instrument you use to prune them must be clean.

In general, you should only concentrate on cleaning your rose bush of anything that is dry or withered to make way for new healthy parts. Always prune in the cold season.


It is very common for roses to be affected by insects and other animals that feed on them. Keep in mind that to prevent any pest from causing irreversible damage to your roses, you must pay close attention to the plant every day. If you notice that something is damaging it, ask your favorite garden store what can be the most effective way to eliminate the pest.

Hoja de rosa enferma

You have seen that roses are plants that need a lot of care. However, with a little love and by following these valuable tips we have given you, you can have beautiful roses in your garden.


Tell us about your experience with roses in the comments.

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