How to eliminate bedbugs


We know how unpleasant it must be to find bedbugs between your sheets. You may even think that the presence of these little bugs in your home is due to a lack of hygiene measures. But we assure you that this is not the case. Bed bugs feed on blood, so they will be anywhere they can find food. Regardless of whether this place is dirty or not.

You can get bed bugs in your home from hosting a guest, or from visiting a place that was infested with bed bugs. Bed bugs can make your nights of sleep a nightmare. To feed, bed bugs will bite. The bites on your skin can swell up and are often very itchy. Bed bugs also pose an even greater danger. They carry chagas disease. This disease can even be deadly if left untreated.


How do I know if I have bed bugs in my home?

Remember that treatment for pests is different depending on the pest. So you should make sure that you are dealing with bed bugs in your home. This is not too difficult. Bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye. They are little red bugs. Another way to suspect you have bed bugs in your bed is to watch your skin. If you start to see areas of your skin that are red and swollen and itchy, they may be bedbug bites.

On the other hand, you should be alert to what you see on your sheets. Bed bugs change skin, and you will most likely find traces of their skin on your bedding. Also, when crushed, bed bugs leave stains of the blood they have fed on. So, if you have bed bugs, you’ll probably find your sheets slightly soiled with blood.

What should I do with bed bugs?

Now that you have identified that you have bed bugs in your home, you can follow the procedure to get rid of this annoying pest. In the past, when a family discovered that they had bed bugs in their home, they would overreact. To the point of wanting to burn all the furniture in their home. However, this is NOT necessary. You don’t have to get rid of all your furniture to get rid of bed bugs.

Wash your sheets

Yes, bedbugs may have invaded other parts of your home, but it’s totally safe to expect them to be in your sheets. Be sure to wash them.

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Remember you have options

Yes, you can resort to chemicals to end the bed bug infestation. You could also hire a fumigation company to take care of your problem. But remember, there are procedures you can try before you call in experts.

For example, be sure to heat all your sheets, bedding, pajamas and anything else you use for shelter. After the washing process, the heat from the dryer will kill the bed bugs. You should also be sure to clean any areas that may have been infested with bed bugs. These places can be closets, drawers, among others.

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Be sure to inspect and clean all areas of your home where bed bugs may be present.

Preventing the spread of bed bugs

As mentioned above, your house will have bed bugs because the bed bugs have come from outside. It could be because of a visit or because you visited a place where there were bed bugs. We tell you this because, just as the bed bugs came to your house, you can transport them to other places. This is why it is very important that you always go outside and make sure you check your clothes. Also, as long as you suspect you have bed bugs in your home, try not to have any guests. If a guest sits on a couch with bed bugs, you will probably end up with the pest in your home.

Contact experts

If you haven’t managed to get rid of the bedbugs on your own, call specialized personnel. They will use approved, specialized chemicals to eliminate the bed bug infestation. They will do this with the rooms in your home completely sealed to prevent bed bugs from escaping. This procedure will be repeated over several sessions.

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The rooms that have been treated can be reoccupied hours after the second chemical session. The experts will check the place and proceed to vacuum it. In this way they will make sure that the bugs have been eliminated.

You know that you have several ways to eliminate bed bugs. Let us know if you have ever dealt with this pesky pest in your home.

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