How to eliminate cockroaches


Many of us dislike cockroaches. I’m sure more than once they’ve given you a good scare when they enter your kitchen. There is nothing more unpleasant than getting up for a glass of water and seeing a cockroach peeking out from under the refrigerator. And it gets worse if you feel some kind of phobia towards these insects. However, having cockroaches in the house is more common than you might think.

You probably already know that cockroach infestation is hard to get rid of. Cockroaches are very resistant insects. That is why in this post we are going to talk to you about several ways to get rid of cockroaches. Keep reading.


Why do I have cockroaches at home?

As we mentioned, it is common to have cockroaches in the house. This is because in many homes there are favorable conditions for cockroaches to live. These insects only need food, water and a place to hide. As the best solution is always prevention, we invite you to take preventive measures against cockroaches. The less comfortable your home is for cockroaches, the less problems you will have with these insects.

How do I prevent cockroaches from wanting to live in my house?

Here we recommend a series of measures you can take to avoid cockroach infestation.

Clean your house very well every week: Cockroaches love dirt. Avoid accumulating garbage in your house and clean with disinfectants weekly. Take special care with kitchen hygiene. Remember that cockroaches can find food residues in the kitchen.

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Pay attention to the food: As we have told you, the cockroaches will be where they can feed. Make sure all the food in your kitchen is tightly closed.

Watch out for cracks: Cracks are a cockroach’s favorite hiding place. Also, if you have cockroaches in the house, they probably got in through the cracks. So be sure to cover any cracks in the walls or floor.

Ventilation: Cockroaches love moist environments. So be sure to ventilate every space in your home. Always keep an eye on the pipes. The moisture generated by a broken pipe creates the perfect environment for cockroaches.

Inspect your home: take a good look at all the spaces in your home to make sure they are clean of cockroaches.

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Keep out smelly cockroaches: Cockroaches stay away from smells like garlic. Herbs like bay leaves and mint will also help you fight off cockroaches.

What should I do if I already have cockroaches at home?

There are different ways to deal with cockroach infestation. We will tell you about home treatments and chemical treatments.

Home treatments

Sugar and bicarbonate

It is a well known and highly recommended way to eliminate cockroaches. Mix both ingredients and distribute in small quantities through the spaces of your house. The cockroaches will try to feed on the mixture and the bicarbonate will act as a poison for them.

Borax mixture

It works the same way as the previous remedy. Mix borax with an edible ingredient such as sugar and spread the mixture around your home. Borax will poison the cockroaches.

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Boric Acid

As with the previous remedies, you must mix the boric acid with some food. A well known mixture includes flour and onion. When you distribute this mixture around your house, it will act as a poison against cockroaches.

Home remedies have many advantages. First, they are very economical. Also, although you have to be careful with them, there is less danger of intoxication from chemicals. We guarantee their effectiveness.

Chemical treatments

Insecticide spray: one of the most common treatments. You have probably seen some insecticide spray advertisements on TV. Today, special formulas have been developed against cockroaches. Be very careful when using these products. Use them away from any food you plan to eat and do not breathe it.


Is a chemical cockroach poison. Its main advantage is that it does not affect only the cockroach that is near the poison. The cockroach carries this poison to its nest and that can end all the plague.

Tell us in the comments if you have ever had to deal with a cockroach infestation in your home. Let us know how you got rid of it.

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