How to prepare a baby bottle

cómo preparar biberón

Being a mother or father for the first time is a very special time in life. The baby you waited for nine months is finally home with you. However, you begin to realize that there is a lot of attention to be paid to the care of the baby. Especially his feeding. Babies’ stomachs are still very sensitive, so not feeding them properly can make them sick and give them a hard time.

That’s why here are some tips about bottle hygiene, how to prepare the formulas, which formulas to use and much more. Read on.

Step by step to preparing a bottle

1. Wash your hands

Remember, you’re the one who’s going to handle your baby’s bottle. This is why it is very important that your hands are very clean. This will prevent you from passing on any bacteria or infection when you are feeding your baby.

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2. Sterilize the utensils you will use and the bottle

First, you will need to wash the bottles and other utensils you need to prepare the bottle. If you are washing the bottle after you have fed your baby, help yourself with a brush to remove any remaining milk. You may also want to use hot water.

Then you’ll need to sterilize the bottles and their respective nipples. There are currently steam-operated sterilizers. But don’t worry if you don’t have one. Just boil the utensils with water in a pot. Once the water has boiled, allow a few minutes to pass and remove from the heat.
Esterilizar biberón
Keep the pot covered with the utensils inside until you need to use them.

3. Choose the formula that best suits your baby’s needs

There are many brands of milk on the market today. If your baby does not have any special needs (for example, lactose intolerance), you will find formulas that are suitable for your baby’s age. There are formulas that are for children from 0 to 6 months and others that are for children from 6 months to 1 year.
Fórmula para bebés

4. Use filtered or drinking water, never tap water

We do not know if tap water may contain any minerals that could cause discomfort or problems in the baby’s digestion. Try to reserve water exclusively for the baby.

5. Decide how much formula you will prepare

This will depend on factors such as the baby’s age and weight. It is best to consult your baby’s pediatrician. Also, pay attention to your baby’s behavior. You will probably notice when she needs to be fed.
Cantidad a preparar

6. Pour freshly boiled water into a clean bottle.

Once you have the water in the bottle, follow the preparation instructions on the formula container. Use the exact amounts of milk indicated for the amount of water in the bottle.
Añadir leche al biberón

7. Close the bottle and shake

With the ingredients ready in the bottle, all that is left is to shake to mix.

8. Let it cool down a bit

Try not to let it cool for more than half an hour. You can speed up the process by placing the bottle in a container of cold water. Check the temperature by pouring some of the formula from the bottle into the back of your hand.

Can I prepare formula for more than one feeding?

Although it is most hygienic to feed your baby freshly made formula, you can prepare and store formula for later. You can prepare several bottles and refrigerate them immediately. However, if your baby does not use these bottles within a day, you will have to throw them away. Remember that milk is a very favorable environment for the growth of bacteria that can make your baby sick.

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What do I do if I overfeed?

You must throw it away, you have no other choice.

Remember that babies are very delicate and it is important to do everything possible to keep them away from anything that could be harmful to them. Keep your baby safe from stomach illnesses by taking good care of hygiene when preparing the bottle.

Tell us about your experience with your baby. Do you prepare formula this way? Do you feed your baby breast milk instead of formula? Do you have any other tips for preparing the bottle?

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