How to prepare for a job interview

job interview

We’ve all faced the job hunt. We sent in our CVs and then received the call we had been waiting for: we were selected for a personal interview. However, many times we do not know what we will face in the interview. We are nervous and do not feel confident enough. That is why we must be prepared to convince recruiters that we are ideal for the job.

In this post we are going to give you some tips that you should take into account if you are preparing for a job interview. Keep reading so you have a better chance of getting the job of your dreams.

Know the company you are applying for

Currently there are different platforms to look for work. These platforms facilitate the work by publishing available jobs. Even better, we can often filter the jobs by date and location. However, it is likely that on these platforms we will apply without really knowing the company that is looking to hire.

Conoce la empresa

Look for information about the company offering the job. It is important that you know what it does. This way you will have a clearer idea of the functions that the position may require and the contributions you can make within the company.

Meet your recruiter

Nowadays it is very common that, when you are called for an interview, you are told the name of your interviewer. This is more common in online interviews. Use his name to search for him on a social network. Use the information you find to get an idea of what he or she looks like. For example, if you’re a young person, you might feel more comfortable with an interviewer who is also young.

Entrevista de trabajo

Also, it’s always better to have an idea, even if it’s vague, of what you’re going to be dealing with.

Know all the details on your resume

Yes, you made it. Yes, it’s your data. But you must be clear about every detail of what you’ve written on your resume. Remember that you are having the interview in the first place because of the impression your resume made on recruiters. Also, part of the interview will probably be based on the information you provided there.

List the questions you might be asked

You obviously don’t know exactly what questions you’ll be asked in a job interview. However, you can get an idea and prepare some answers. Usually, at a job interview you are asked several types of questions. Some will be about your personal information, some about your education, some about your experience, and some about your expectations within the company.

Be sure to prepare your answers by trying to be as clear and concise as possible. Having an answer prepared will allow you to demonstrate confidence during the interview

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Define what you are good at and what you could improve on. Also, specify what you are doing or plan to do to cover the areas you need to correct and explain why you think you are good in some areas.

Conocer datos de curriculum

List your concerns for the interviewer

Usually, the interviewers will give you the opportunity to ask your own questions. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the work environment, your team, the activities in which you will be involved, and current company projects, among other things.

Ask whatever you think is necessary. This will show your interest in working in the company.

Prepare the details

It may sound silly, but nerves can make some things go unnoticed.

Write down the date and time of the interview

Don’t let the opportunity to have your dream job go away because you forgot to show up. Schedule the date on your phone and set an alarm if necessary. Just make sure the alarm rings early enough to get you to the interview early.
Programar alarma

Choose the outfit you’ll wear

Remember that in a job interview you will only have minutes to convince the interviewer that you are the right person for the job. This is why making a good first impression is very important.

Dress properly and formally. Dress appropriately for the position you are applying for.

Get a good night’s sleep before the interview

Don’t forget to get enough rest before you go to the job interview. We know that nerves about the interview can make it hard for you to sleep, but you should do your best. If you rest, your mind will be more relaxed and you will be able to think clearly about your answers during the interview. Also, not sleeping may make you look bad.
Descansa bien
With these tips, you will be prepared to face any interview. All that remains is for you to introduce yourself and show your best smile. Always be yourself and be confident in your knowledge and skills. Think about what you want to say and make sure you use the right words to do it.

Have you had any job interviews recently? Did you carry out the steps we mentioned here? How was your experience?

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