How to prepare Gin and Tonic

Gin tonic

Gin and tonic is one of the most popular cocktails at parties. An ideal drink to share with your friends while enjoying a good time together. Surprise them all by learning how to make a refreshing gin and tonic with the steps below. Best of all, it’s very simple to make, so you don’t have to be an experienced bartender.

What do I need to prepare a gin and tonic?

– Gin
– Tonic water
– Ice
– Lemon

Step by step to prepare a gin and tonic

1. Take the ingredients to the refrigerator for a few hours.

By the time you are going to make your cocktail, all the ingredients should be cold, so you will need to refrigerate them for a few hours.

copa fria

2. Choose a glass to serve the gin and tonic

You may think this step is not too important, but it really is. To prepare a gin and tonic you need a wide glass, where the ice can enter without difficulty and where the drink does not get hot when you hold the glass in your hands.

copa balónA good idea when serving a gin and tonic is to use a round glass. Round glasses are spacious, so there will be no problem placing all the ingredients inside.

Remember that you will also need to chill the glass or cup you have chosen to serve your cocktail. You can take it to the refrigerator, or simply put ice inside it.

3. Pour the ice into the glass

Remember, the bigger the ice cubes, the better. You use ice to keep your gin and tonic cold, not to melt it and ruin your drink.

Use enough ice, without going over the rim of the glass. Depending on the size of the cubes and the glass, you will need between three and five cubes to prepare your gin and tonic.

Ideally, you should use solid ice cubes without a hole in them.

4. Add the lemon

The lemon will give your gin and tonic a citrus touch that fits perfectly with the rest of the ingredients. In addition, the lemon will give your drink an incredible aroma. You can even use the peel to decorate the glass.
However, you can not only use lemon as a complement to your gin and tonic. There are other citrus fruits that you could use according to your taste.

5. Pour the gin into the glass or the cup

You’re probably wondering how much gin tonic your gin should have. It is recommended to use one third of the amount of tonic water used. For example, if you use 90 ml of tonic water, you should use 30 ml of gin.

Virtiendo ginebraIf you do not have measuring cups, you can use a shot glass to measure the amount of gin. Fill a shot glass with chilled gin and pour the contents into the glass or shot cup you are using.

Remember to pour the gin from the top of the glass, and with some separation between the containers.

Which gin should I use?

The gin you choose will depend on your personal taste and the type of cocktail you want. If you are new to making cocktails, there are several types of gin. There are fruit gins, spice gins, herb gins, among others.

Be creative. With experience you will surely find the gin you like best to prepare a gin and tonic. It is a matter of trying the different types that exist.

6. Add the tonic water to the gin

Remember that the tonic water should also be quite cold. There is some discussion as to how tonic water should be served. Here we will tell you what the correct way is:

Pour the tonic water by placing the spout of the bottle directly on the rim of the glass. Tilt the glass a little, so that the water slides inside the glass and does not lose gas.

Agua tonica

You have already prepared your gin and tonic by following these simple steps. All that remains is to relax and enjoy this refreshing drink. Let us know if you have used our recipe to prepare this delicious cocktail and tell us how it went.


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