How to remove the nits


Nits are the offspring of lice. They are small animals that like to live in our heads, hiding in our hair. As if that were not enough, they are there to feed on our blood. It is not dangerous to have lice, but it does cause a lot of discomfort. Those little animals walking on our scalp cause a lot of itching.

And if we adults suffer at the thought of the discomfort of having lice, children have a worse time. Children are very susceptible to getting nits. This is because they are in contact with other children in their schools. Lice are a real nightmare for parents. It only takes one child to get head lice at school for everyone in their classroom to get head lice.

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Getting rid of lice is not an easy task. If you ever get lice or one of your children gets lice, you will remember it as a very unpleasant experience. That’s why in this post we are going to talk to you about methods to fight lice. Let’s get those little animals out of our heads and keep them away.

Are they lice?

Are you feeling a strong and continuous itching in your head? Maybe it is lice. The best way to check for lice is to check your scalp, because lice can be seen with the naked eye. Use a comb to make divisions in your hair. Lice look like little black insects walking through your hair and scalp.

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Nits are smaller and therefore harder to see. So put yourself in a place with enough light. Use a comb to divide your hair into clumps. Nits are usually found at the root of the hair and are a whitish color. That’s why they are often mistaken for dandruff. However, you will notice the difference when you try to remove a nit from your hair. Nits are attached and difficult to remove. Dandruff, on the other hand, is not.

How do you remove the nits?

Importance of the nit

The nit comb is a tool for manually removing both lice and nits. If you don’t place it, it is a tool similar to a metal comb. These barbs are very close together, so when you comb the hair with the nit comb the nits and the lice will be trapped between them. You should comb your hair with the lendron daily. This will get those unwanted guests out of your hair.


Products to treat nits and lice

Today there are many effective products that you can get at any pharmacy. Among the most common are:

– Permethrin: this is a fairly inexpensive insecticide. Its effectiveness against lice and nits is proven. However, if it is observed that in our specific case the problem persists, the treatment should be changed. Lice may have developed resistance to this insecticide, and its excessive use may be harmful to our health.

– Dimethicone and other silicones: this treatment has proven to be more effective than treatment with insecticides. And, in addition to being more effective, it is less dangerous. Silicones work by suffocating the lice, so there is no risk of intoxication for those who use them.


You can get these components in different products such as shampoos and lotions. Remember to always follow the instructions for use indicated by the manufacturers. The correct use of these treatments will make the process of getting rid of lice and nits easier.

Home remedies

In this post we decided NOT to include any home treatment against lice. This is because no home remedy has been proven effective. In fact, some of the home remedies could aggravate the situation or cause poisoning. Specialists recommend only using medications and compounds that are indicated and pharmacologically approved for the treatment of lice.


As you have seen, having lice is not the end of the world. Although it is annoying and unpleasant, it has a solution. You only have to follow the treatments indicated for it. As a final recommendation, it is important that we avoid the spread of lice. If we have lice or nits, we should try to start a quick treatment. In addition, we must collect our hair and avoid getting too close to other people. Do not worry, lice do not fly.

Tell us if you have ever had any experience with head lice in your home or classroom. What treatment did you use for head lice?

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