How to send a registered letter

carta certificada feaute

Surely you have ever wanted to send a package or a very important letter through the mail. However, when sending important things through the mail, you face a lot of problems. Packages get lost sometimes. Some security measures are not efficient and your package may end up in someone else’s hands. That’s why there are registered letters.

Registered mail is just a service offered by mail companies. Thanks to this service, you can send that important letter and be sure that it will arrive to its addressee. Once you send a registered letter you will have a legal and juridical proof that you have sent it. In addition, your letter will be assigned a tracking code so that you can know about its location and status from the time you send it until it is received.

Recibiendo carta certificada

The main advantage of sending a registered letter is that it will not be delivered to anyone other than the recipient. In fact, the recipient will have to sign for the letter.

Step by step to send a registered letter

1. Prepare the document you are going to send

This service is usually used for sending important documents. These can be employment or lease contracts, civil documents such as birth certificates, among others.

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The first thing you must take into account is that what you are going to send, must comply with the measures and weight allowed for sending registered letters. The weight should not exceed 0.5 Kg. The format must be an envelope or similar.

As for the dimensions, the minimum measurements of the envelope are 14×9 centimeters. On the other hand, the sum of the width, length and height must not exceed 90 centimeters.

2. Identify your envelope

The details of the person who will receive the letter should be on the front of the envelope. Be quite specific and include data such as first name, last name, some identification, exact address, zip code, city and country.

carta certificada identificación

You must also specify your information on the tab of the envelope.

3. Select the mail company you want to send your registered letter through

Remember to make sure that the company provides the certified letter service. Also, keep in mind that the registered letter service is a little more expensive, so you should review the rates when choosing the service.

4. Go to the post office and hire the service.

The post office will give you a form to fill out. This form is usually a form in which you must include information about yourself and the person to whom the letter is addressed.

Once the envelope is stamped and the form is filled out, you must pay the postage fee. As we mentioned before, it will probably be a bit more expensive than usual, but that depends on the postal company and the destination of the letter.

5. Receive your tracking code

Once you have paid for the service and delivered the envelope to the post office, you will receive a tracking code. With this code, you will be able to access the post office’s web platform and have information about the status of your shipment at all times. Likewise, the code will allow you to request information about the delivery at the post office as well.

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What happens if the post office company cannot deliver the letter?

Generally, the post office will try to deliver your registered letter several times. If on those occasions they cannot find the recipient of the letter, they will leave notices with the information of the post office where you can pick up your letter. After that, the office post can’t do anything more. Probably you will recieve your letter back.

Can I send a certified email?

Emails are virtual letters. So yes, you can. For this you must:

1. Choose a mail company that provides this service.
2. Sign up for the certified email service of the company you have chosen.
3. Use the service to write the email you want to send.
4. In addition to sending the email to the person you want to receive the letter, specify that you want to send a copy of the email to the mail company you have hired.
5. Receive confirmation that the mail has been sent and that it has been received. This same proof will be received by the recipient of your email.

You know all the steps you must follow if you want to send a registered letter.

Have you ever sent one? Tell us about your experience with the mail company you hired.

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