How to send a mail package

como enviar un paquete de correo

I’m sure you’ve felt nervous about sending it to a friend or family member. No wonder! We’ve heard a lot of stories about lost packages, extra charges for the size of the shipment, items that arrive broken, or packages that arrive open and incomplete. Here we are going to tell you a few secrets so that you know everything you need to know about sending a package through a delivery service. With this information you can be sure that the process of making a shipment is much easier.

I want to make a shipment, what steps should I follow?

1. Prepare your package:

This is perhaps one of the most important steps. The first thing you should keep in mind is that any mail company will ask you to make sure that the object you are sending is well wrapped.

If it is a fragile object, make sure you protect it well inside a box. You can use different materials for this, such as cardboard and packing tape.

Preparar paquete

2. Identify your package:

Specify well where you will send your package and who will receive it. The information you will be asked to provide will vary slightly depending on the post office you are using, but you will almost always need to indicate:

Details of who’s sending:
Full name.
Some identification.
Complete address.
Phone number.

Details of who receives:
Full name.
Some identification.
Full address (Includes zip code, city and country).
Contact phone number.

For identification, you can use a label and stick it on your package.

Etiquetar el paquete

3. Select the service you want to use.

You will have more or less options depending on where you live. Nowadays you can find all the information you need just by using a search engine on the Internet. Many parcel services have their own web page and social networks, and in these you will find reviews from other users that will help you know how reliable and efficient the parcel service is.

In many websites of parcel services you will also find information about rates, the company offices that are close to you and the types of shipments handled by the mail service. Choose the one that best suits your needs and take your package with you to send it.

4. Track your package

Many shipping companies offer you tracking service once you have sent your package through their offices. Usually you will be assigned a tracking code with which you can view where your shipment is and its status by means such as the phone or the website of the delivery service.

How much does it cost to send a shipment?

The cost of shipping will always depend on the company you have chosen to entrust them with your package and the type of service you have chosen for your shipment. For example, some companies offer a 24-hour express service for national shipments, which is usually more expensive than regular shipments. International shipments almost always cost more than domestic shipments. The size or weight of your package will also influence the cost of your shipment.

Calculadora de envíos

It is always best to check the website of the parcel service you will be using before bringing your package. Many services provide you with a price calculation mechanism, so that you have an idea of how much you will have to pay approximately.

Dimensions and sizes allowed for shipments

Again, this information will also depend on the delivery company you are using. However, many mailers handle similar maximum and minimum dimensions:


Minimum dimensions: 14 x 9 cm
Maximum dimensions: 23.5 x 12cm

National shipping packages

Maximum weight: 30 kg
Minimum dimensions: 10 cm. x 14.5 cm.
Maximum dimensions: Length + width + height = 170 cm

International shipping packages

Maximum weight: 30 kg
Minimum dimensions: 14 cm. x 9 cm.
Maximum dimensions: Length + width + height = 200 cm

Dimensiones del paquete

How long does it take for a mail package to arrive?

The delivery time of your package will depend on the destination of the package and the shipping company. Packages that are sent within the same region may even arrive the same day they were sent or the next day. If you have sent something a little further away but within your own country, it may take three days to a week for it to be delivered.

There are international shipments that can take up to two months to arrive because you have paid for the cheapest delivery service. But don’t worry! Surely your parcel company has a good service that allows your package to take between a week and fifteen days to arrive.

With all these tips, you will surely not worry so much at the time of making a shipment. You just have to make sure you hire a reliable company and follow all the steps we have mentioned so that your package arrives safely to its destination and you don’t have to face a bad experience with the mail.

Tell us if these tips have helped you!

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