How to set up my Android device

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Nowadays it is extremely necessary to have a Smartphone. These types of phones are very useful in everyday life. Thanks to them you can communicate with others easily. You can access your social networks, set reminders for important events, and find an infinite number of functions thanks to their applications. It’s hard to think of anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone these days.

There is a wide range of smartphones, each with its own specifications. Many of the most widely used smartphones use the Android operating system. So if you plan to buy a new phone, you may need to know how to set up an Android device.

If you don’t get along with the technology, this guide is for you. Here we explain in a simple way the steps you need to know to correctly set up your Android phone. Let’s get to it.

Step-by-step guide to setting up your Android device

1. Be sure to insert the SIM according to the manufacturer’s instructions for your new phone

It is not entirely mandatory to insert the SIM before setting up the phone. However, we assume that you will want to start using your new device immediately after setting it up. That’s why we recommend that you insert your favorite operator’s SIM card before you start. Where and how you insert it into the device depends largely on the model of the device. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make it easy.

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2. Turn on the phone

The obvious step. We are now ready to start the configuration, so the first thing we need to do is to turn on our new device. Usually smartphones have the power button on the sides or on top. Press the button for a few seconds until your phone’s screen lights up.

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3. First setup: the language

Don’t worry, Android settings are relatively simple. The Android developers thought of everything. So their setup wizard will be guiding you through the whole process.

The same wizard will show you a list of languages. The following configuration instructions will be shown to you in the language of your choice. Select the one that suits you best. Remember that your choice will also influence the language in which Android will show you its options once you finish the setup.

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4. Accessing the network

Remember that during setup, the wizard will probably check for operating system updates. At this point in the setup you have several options. You can simply skip the step of accessing the network. This way, no updates will be checked. However, we do not recommend that you skip the updates. Especially if you have purchased a not-so-recent model. There are probably new versions of the operating system that your phone supports.

The second option is to use your operator’s data plan. This will only be possible if you have inserted the sim card before turning on the phone or if you insert it during this step. However, neither we nor the configuration wizard can do this. Searching for and downloading updates may result in additional costs on your phone operator’s bill.

Redes wifi

The third and most recommended option is to connect to a WiFi network if you have one that you can access. This will allow you to search for the necessary updates during the installation.

5. Access your Google account with your Gmail

In this option, you will need a Gmail account. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create one. Thanks to the access to your Google account you will be able to transfer to your new device any backup you have from your previous phone. If you don’t have any backup information, you will still need to access your Google account to finish setting up your device.

This function is especially important if you have a backup of the information stored in your previous phone.

Acceso a cuenta de google

6. Secure your device

The next thing you’ll need to do is choose how you want to keep your phone safe. The options range from setting passwords, configuring some unlocking pattern and, depending on the model of the phone, you can choose to unlock it via fingerprint.

7. You can update software and configure Google services

As we mentioned, if your device is not so recent, there may be updates available for your operating system. This step allows you to search for, download and install such updates. In addition, you must select the Google services you want to activate. If you don’t want to activate anything at setup time, don’t worry. You can do it later.

Servicios de Google

8. Configure the Google assistant

This step is simply to allow or refuse Google to record your location. Google will use this data to provide you with information that may be useful to you.

After these simple steps, you’re ready to start using your phone. Tell us, what are the first applications you install on a new phone?

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