How to turn Android and iOS flashlight on and off

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Surely you have ever faced a sudden power failure. Or you may have dropped your keys on the street in the middle of the night. If you have experienced this at some point, you will know how useful it is to have a flashlight on hand. These days almost everyone has a smart phone and this is more than enough to have a device that provides us with some extra light when we need it.

We can’t risk saying that the flashlight function is one of the best for smartphones in terms of usefulness. Currently, if you experience any of the situations described above, simply take out your phone, display the top menu with your finger and activate the flashlight by pressing the icon indicated for this purpose.

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However, many people are unaware of this functionality and how easy it is to use. So in this post we will describe in a simple way how to turn on and off flashlights on mobile devices. Including both Android devices and devices with iOS. Keep in mind our instructions so that your flashlight is not left on without you noticing.

Turning the flashlight on and off on Android

Using the menu on the top bar

Android has its own flashlight application. From the main view of your device, display the top menu. Press the “flashlight” icon and you’re done. You will have your flashlight on.

To turn it off, simply press the flashlight icon again. The button will look like it is off and the flashlight will turn off.

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From the lock screen

Some Androids have incorporated the function of being able to turn on the flashlight from the lock screen. Remember that this function is only available for some brands and models.

Slide your finger to the right on the phone’s powered lock screen. As you slide, you will be on a screen with a flashlight icon. Press it to turn on the flashlight.

To turn it off, simply press the flashlight button again.

Using the phone’s buttons

Some devices allow you to use the volume or on/off buttons to control the flashlight. Most often you can turn off the flashlight by pressing the on/off button twice in a row.

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But it is more common for you to need an application to make use of this functionality. In the Play Store you can find several that will help you. For example, Power Button Flashlight

Through “Ok Google”

If you have correctly configured the function, start “Ok Google”. Order the device to turn on the flashlight. Ok Google will notify you that it has done what you have asked. To turn it off, you can simply tell Ok Google to turn off the flashlight.

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Using flashlight applications

If your Android has not brought a default flashlight application, or if you require other flashlight functionality, you can download an application. In the Play Store you will have hundreds of options. Choose the one you like the most, download it and install it. Follow the instructions of the application itself.

Activate and deactivate the flashlight in iOS

Using the control center

You can turn on the flashlight in iOS in much the same way as you do in Android. To do this, you must display the control center on the main screen. This control center is a menu that you display from the bottom of the screen.

Once this menu is visible, press the flashlight icon to turn it on. Press the same icon again if you want to turn it off.

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Ask Siri to turn the flashlight on and off

Siri is the iOS assistant. If you are an iPhone user, you will know that Siri can perform functions if you command it through voice commands. Ask Siri to turn the flashlight on or off as needed.

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Through volume or on/off buttons

The Ios operating system also has some applications available that will allow you to configure the physical buttons of your phone for the turning on and off of your flashlight. “Power Button Flashlight” is available for both Android and iOS.

Flashlight Applications

Like Android, Ios has at its disposal many flashlight applications that you can get through the App Store. Download and install the one you like best and use it according to the developer’s instructions.

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As you have seen, it is very easy to use the flashlight on smartphones. We hope that with this post you have discovered some method that you didn’t know. Let us know in the comments if you have any flashlight application that you recommend.

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