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Google has always been a reference when thinking about innovation. Thinking about the comfort and needs of its users, Google develops very useful services such as “Ok Google”. This service allows you to give orders to your mobile device with the simple action of saying “Ok Google”, even when the device is not unlocked.

Through its wizard, Google allows you to execute functions on your Android device without having to touch it. All you have to do is talk to your device. The voice command “Ok Google” will allow you to activate the Google Wizard in order to use the search service. However, before you can start using it, you must first set up this service. Here we will explain in a simple way how to do it. Remember that you need a relatively recent version of Android on your device to be able to perform this configuration (Android 5.5).

Steps to follow to configure “Ok Google”

1. If you have installed the latest update of your Google application

To do this, simply go to the Google App Store and do a “Google” search among the apps and open the Google App page in the Play Store. If you have the latest version installed, the app store will only show you the options to “open” and “uninstall” the Google application. However, if your application is out of date, you will have the option to update it.

google actualizado

2. Search for the Google application

On your phone or tablet, locate and run the Google application. On many phones it’s located in a folder called “Google” along with applications like Drive, Gmail, Youtube and Maps. The application icon is a “G” with the characteristic Google colors.

App Google

3. Press the “More” button and then “Settings

You will find more because its icon is three dots. It is in the bottom corner at night. “Settings” you’ll recognize it because its icon is a gear.


4. Press the “voice” button

Locate the symbol that looks like a microphone.


5. Locate the section “Ok Google”

Within the “voice” menu you will find a section called “Ok Google”. Inside this section, you will find the option “Voice Match”.

voice match

6. Activate Google Ok

Within the “Voice Match” menu you will find the option “Ok Google”. Activate it with the switch next to the option. Once you activate “Ok Google” you will enter the configuration of this function. Press the “next” button.

ok google

The application will show you a notification explaining how Voice Match works. By pressing “I accept”, you will be authorizing your voice identification.

inicio configuración asistente

7. Record your voice

During setup, the system will ask you to say “Ok Google” three times. This way, Google will be able to store and recognize your voice. Once you have followed this instruction, press “next”.

grabar ok google

You will now see a message telling you that your device can now recognize your voice when you say “Ok Google”. This means that your settings have been made correctly. You can now press the “finish” button.


8. Saving Audio Recordings

After finishing, the system will probably offer you the option to save audio recordings. If you decide to select this option, you will see a notification explaining the purpose of saving the recordings. If you give them your permission, Google will use your recordings as information to improve the user experience.

The data from the audio recordings are used to improve the application and make it more intuitive, so that errors such as accidental device activations can be minimized.

guardar grabaciones

Google will automatically delete the recordings once the information has been used. If you agree with this, you can accept. If not, you can indicate that you do not want the recordings to be saved.

Even if you set this option, if at any time you change your mind and wish to deactivate it, you can do so through your Google account.

9. Verify that Ok Google is activated

To do this, just go back to the “Voice Match” menu and make sure that the switch next to “Ok Google” is activated and displayed in blue. Remember that if you want to reconfigure your voice so that “Ok Google” works properly, just select the “Voice Model” option under “Ok Google”. This option will allow you to re-record yourself.

Ok google configurado

As you can see, Google is constantly developing and improving its applications. This is in order to provide you with new features and offer you a better service.

Tell us about your experience with Ok Google in the comment box.

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