How to Care For a Hamster in Brazil

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Hamsters are among the most popular pets in Brazil. They are small and easy to care for. They live in cages called tocas, and they are known to be very playful. There are a few things you need to know about hamster care, though. To keep them safe, you should separate them into different rooms. Hamsters can easily escape from their cages if they are placed on top of each other.

Hamsters are not usually accustomed to handling humans, and they need to be introduced to their new environment over two to three weeks. Even children can take care of a hamster, provided they know what they’re doing. You should also keep in mind their nocturnal habits. They don’t like bright lights, and they need their own space.

Hamsters rarely become sick when given proper care. If they do, the illness can spread rapidly and they can die within a short period of time. You can spot signs of an illness by observing symptoms such as lack of appetite, opaca pelagem, and strange behaviors.

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Your hamster needs regular feedings. They should be fed once every three hours. However, you should avoid giving them milk or other liquids, as these can make them ill. It is best to provide hamsters with solid food instead. You can feed your hamster a small portion of fruit and vegetables throughout the year.

It is important to clean the hamster’s environment regularly. You can wash its cage and accessories with water and soap. You can also use a neutral detergent. You should also consult a vet if you suspect your hamster is suffering from an allergy. This way, you’ll be able to prevent any potential problems with your pet.

Your hamster’s diet should contain a variety of proteinas and healthy fats. You can also supplement the diet with feno de capim, fruits, and vegetables. If your hamster doesn’t like hamster food, you can add maca, feno de capim, and other healthy food for your hamster.

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Hamsters like to eat fruits, although you must avoid citrus fruits and melancia because they cause diarrhoea. The best fruits for your hamster are macas, peras, bananas, and morangos. However, you need to ensure that you don’t give them these fruity treats for more than 12 hours.

Hamsters can be very easy to care for, but they do need to be fed and exercised daily. You should also provide a healthy diet for them, as well as appropriate toys for them. In addition to this, hamsters don’t like to be enclosed in a cage, so you need to ensure that the hamster’s cage is as clean as possible.

It is important to keep in mind that hamsters are nocturnal creatures. They are self-cleaning, but it is a good idea to supervise them while handling them. If you have a child, be sure to supervise them when they handle them and clean their cages.

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