Musica Inicial De Os Cupins – O Ritmo 2022

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Joca, the main protagonist of this episode, is a musician who loves to play musical instruments. She also loves to listen to music and dance. But her barulho irritates Cupim and Cupincha, who live in her piano. Consequently, they devise various plots to atrapal Joca. Then, Clarinha, the other female protagonist, arrives at the estudio and suggests that Joca shoot a video clip of her song. In the end, the Cupins have a plan to stop the music.

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Joca’s dormancy is so high that she cannot sing, so she decides to turn on the air conditioning in Joca’s room. She is worried that the musica eletronica she is hearing is over. Then, Clarinha makes a phone call to an internet friend, Queiros. Queiros is reluctant to visit Joca, so she insists on a visit from Joca. Joca then tries to sing but it is not very successful and she collapses.

Joca also gets a new inquilino. The two are reunited when Barto, a musical colleague from the conservatory, tries to free the rat in the estudio. Joca then starts to espallate ratoeiras all over the house. The rato, however, cannot escape and she has to sonorize the palhaco in order to free it.

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Joca tries to learn about the instruments of the sopro. However, she is not successful, so Cupim and Cupincha put lascas of madeira into Joca’s tuba. She tries to play the instrument, but is unable to do it. Joca is frustrated and asks Clarinha for help. Then she calls Queiros, a ferreiro veloz, to help her.

After a short explanation from Joca, the cupins are convinced that their plan is flawed and start to throw objects off the piano. But when Joca begins to sing in the ruidos, they begin to realize that they have erred. Then they realize that everything is sound and they start a musical piece.

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