How to Create Indexes in Microsoft Word

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If you want to organize a large piece of writing, an indice is a great way to do so. An index is a list of words or terms that are used throughout your document and is a great way for readers to locate specific sections of your document. These lists are helpful for a variety of reasons, including quick reference and orienting the leitor.

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Microsoft Word allows you to create indices for single words in a document. You simply click on the text you want to index and a special XE field will be created with the indexed text and the reference. This process is repeated until you have indexed all of the entradas in your document.

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Once you have done this, you can use a summary function to add your indices to your document. You can use Word’s summary function to add automatic sumaries to your document. You can also add a table of contents (tabela de conteudos) to your document. You can then format your document according to the ABNT style. Once you’re done, Microsoft Word will automatically compile your sumario.

There are many ways to create an indices and tables in Word. You can use a variety of fonts, including Arial or Comic Sans. If you’re using a different font, make sure you select the font configuration that matches the layout of your image. Also make sure to make the first letter of the subtitulo uppercase.

If you don’t want to bother with the titling, you can use Word’s built-in formatting features to create an index. You can choose the font size, color, and type. You can also change the font size in groups of text. You can also use Microsoft Word’s text formatting options to format the group of text.

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