Taking care of the money plant

Planta del dinero

You’ve probably decided to have a money plant to attract good fortune to your home. There is no guarantee that you will have money in your bank accounts just because you have a money plant. What we do guarantee is a beautiful plant with bright green leaves that will brighten up your home. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to take care of it. Dare to check if it brings good luck?

Where should I plant the money plant?

Don’t worry about this. You can plant the money plant outdoors, in a suitable soil for it, or keep it indoors. In fact, it’s especially popular as a houseplant. You place it wherever you prefer.

Basic care of the money plant


A really important aspect. The money plant needs to be in a very well-lit place. As we told you before, you can have it indoors or outdoors, but make sure it gets natural light. However, do not expose it directly to the sun. You’ll be risking damage to your plant from burns.
Planta del dinero exterior
A very beneficial feature if you want to keep a money plant, is that it will let you know if it is getting too much sunlight. Its leaves will begin to tip in the opposite direction of where they are receiving too much light.


This plant is from places with warm temperatures, so it resists heat well. In fact, ideal temperatures for it range from 18°C to 26°C. If where you live the temperatures are a little below that, it’s not a matter of concern. But if the climate in your region is too cold, your plant risks dying. That’s why you must protect it.


This plant is quite hardy. We’ve already told you it’s easy enough to look after. It doesn’t even require much watering. The ideal way to water it properly is to wait until you see that the soil where it is planted is dry. That’s the time to water. In hot seasons, the frequency is probably once or twice a week. If it is cold, you can water your money plant every ten days, even bi-weekly.

The important thing is that you wait until the soil is dry to give your plant some water. You will know you are watering too much if black marks start to appear on the leaf surface.


Plant your money plant in a soil rich in organic matter and with good drainage. As we told you, the money plant does not require much water, as it could rot. So ideally, the soil should not absorb too much moisture.

Suelo planta del dinero

You can get the right soil for your plant by adding a little sand to the soil.

Fertilizer and manure

As we mentioned, the soil where you have your money plant should be rich in organic matter. You can use any known fertilizer, such as worm humus. You can also help your plant get all the nutrients it needs with liquid fertilizers. Use the one of your preference, you can surely find a special one for this type of plants in your favorite garden store.

Follow the fertilizer manufacturer’s instructions or the garden store’s experts’ recommendations. You’ll usually need to fertilize your plant every two weeks.


A very important aspect among the care of the money plant. For your plant to grow healthily, you must prune it. Be sure to remove any parts that are abused or damaged. Remove dry leaves and stems. For this, help yourself with a sharp pair of scissors.

Poda planta del dinero

Remember that a diseased part can damage the whole plant. So be sure to watch out for any parts that look bad.

Also, a good pruning will give your money plant a better look.

What should I do if my money plant dies?

If you follow all the care we’ve mentioned so far, you probably won’t have any problems. Your money plant will live healthy and happy. But in case something went wrong and your plant starts to wilt, don’t worry. You won’t have years of bad luck because of this. You can just replant it.

Planta del dinero replantada

Cut some cuttings of your plant (some stem that has new sprouts) and plant them. You will need to help them with special supplements to grow strong roots. Give the cuttings the same basic care and you will soon have a money plant full of life.

We hope that all these tips, even if they do not exactly serve to attract good fortune, will help you to have a beautiful money plant. These plants fill the spaces with life and look beautiful. Let us know if our information has helped you.

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